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In this pAsuram, how nithyasUris (permanent dwellers of SrIvaikuNtam), thinking of the activities undertaken by emperumAn during his avathArams (incarnations), fear for his safety out of affection for him and suffer, is told. Isn’t emperumAn, who is having many people who have deep affection for him, taking residence in places where there is none having affection for him, wonders AzhwAr. In the earlier pAsuram, it was mentioned as to how emperumAn came of his own volition to various divine abodes. This pAsuram mentions the nature of nithyasUris who desire only emperumAn. Even if emperumAn incarnates here, only nithyasUris have affection for him and there is none in this world who has affection for him. AzhwAr is asking as to for whose knowledge the nithyasUris are remaining there, having affection for emperumAn. In the earlier pAsuram, he mentioned as to how he comes as a simple person to various divine abodes. In this pAsuram he mentions emperumAn’s nature as an easily approachable person.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

idangai valampuri ninRArppa erigAnRu
adangAr odunguviththadhu Azhi vidangAlum
thIvAy aravaNaimEl thOnRal dhisaiyaLappAn
pUvAr adi nimirththa pOdhu

Word by Word Meaning

vidam kAlum – spitting poison
thI vAy – having frightening mouth
aravu – ananthAzhwAn (AdhiSEshan)
aNai mEl – (reclining) on his bed
thOnRal – the supreme being
dhisai – all the worlds
aLappAn – to measure
pU Ar adi – the soft divine feet, which are like flowers
nimirththapOdhu – during the time when [emperumAn] lifted and made them grow
valampuri – his conch
idangai – on his left hand
ninRu – standing firmly
Arppa – blew vociferously
Azhi – divine disc [sudharSana]
eri kAnRu – spat fire
adangAr – enemies such as namuchi
odunguviththadhu – made them incapacitated


idangai valampuri ninRArppa – In order to express its happiness when emperumAn measured the worlds, the conch pAnchajanya, on his left hand, blew loudly. It blew in such a way that enemies, who heard it, fell onto the ground in defeat.

erikAnRu adangAr odunguviththadhu Azhi – the divine disc, not being able to blow like the conch, spat fire on enemies such as namuchi (son of king mahAbali) and frightened them.

vidam kAlum thIvAy aravaNai mEl thOnRal – even as emperumAn is reclining on him, due to his affection for emperumAn, thiruvananthAzhwAn (AdhiSEshan) wants to kill the enemies. Accordingly, in the same position (being a bed for emperumAn) he spat poison. emperumAn has such a soft body that his followers [nithyasUris] fear as to what will befall his divine form, even as he is lying on thiruvananthAzhwAn who has such a frightening mouth.

dhisai aLappAn – to measure the directions which had forests and ridges

pU Ar adi nimirththa pOdhu – when he spread out his soft, divine legs. At that time, the divine conch in his left had blew loudly; the divine disc on his right had spat fire; AdhiSEhan spat our poison from his place. Thus all these followers suffered like this.

pU Ar adi – even if he had remained quiet without measuring the worlds, his divine feet were so soft that even his consorts would worry themselves out of affection for him, as to what will happen to his divine fieet. nammAzhwAr too mercifully stated in his thiruvAimozhi 9-2-10 “malarmagaL maRRum nilamagaL pidikkum melladi” (both SrIdhEvi and bhUdhEvi would gently stroke his soft, divine feet). His divine feet were so soft that even SrIdhEvi, who is fragrance personified and bhUdhEvi, who is patience personified, would fear touching them! The divine feet are so soft that they would turn red even if his consorts think about stroking them, even before they touch them! They are like flowers which have been spread out; they are so soft.

We shall move on to the 72nd pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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