iraNdAm thiruvandhAdhi – 54 – veRpenRu irum sOlai

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After knowing that AzhwAr desires his frontier land thirumalai, emperumAn kept the desire that he had towards his two dwelling places, thirumAlirunjOlai and thiruvEngada malai, in AzhwAr’s divine mind, to the same extent.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

veRpenRu irum sOlai vEngadam enRu ivviraNdum
niRpu enRu nI ninaikkum nIrmaipOl niRpu enRu
uLam kOyil uLLam vaiththu uLLinEn veLLaththu
iLam kOyil kaividEl enRu

Word by Word Meaning

veRpu enRa – widely known as thirumalai
irum sOlai – thirumAL irum sOlai
vEngadam – thiruvEngadam hills
enRa ivviraNdum – thus these two  hills
niRpu enRu – the place that we desire to reside in
nI madhikkum nIrmail pOl – just as you have desired in your divine mind
uLam kOyil – (my) heart, another temple
niRpu enRu – a place that we desire to reside in
uLLam vaiththu – knowing that you are thinking of, in your divine mind
veLLaththu iLam kOyil – thiruppARkadal (milky ocean) which is like a bAlalayam [temporary structure to accommodate emperumAn)
kai vidEl enRu – please do not give up, saying so
uLLinEn – I pray.


veRpu enRu irum sOlai – the divine hill in the southern part, called as thirumAL irum sOlai

vEngadam enRu ivviraNdum – the divine hill thiruvEngadam on the northern side, these two places

niRpu enRu – the apt dwelling place for us [here the term “us” is used in the honorific sense, to refer to emperumAn]

nI ninaikkum nIrmai pOl – just as the essence that you think

niRpu enRu uLam kOyil uLLam vaiththu uLLinEn – thinking that my heart, which is like a temple, is the dwelling place for you

veLLaththu iLam kOyil kai vidEl enRu uLLinEn – I am afraid that thiruppARkadal, which is the origin for you before you shifted to thirumAlirum sOlai and thiruvEngadam, should not go waste with grass growing there, after you decided to shift to my heart. AzhwAr prays to emperumAn that he should not give up thiruppARkadal which was like a bAlAlayam for emperumAn (temporary structure to take residence in) before he shifted to AzhwAr’s divine heart. nammAzhwAr too has mercifully stated in his periya thiruvandhAdhi 68 “kallum kanai kadalum vaikundha vAnAdum pullenRu ozhindhana kol” (emeprumAn’s divine dwelling places such as thiruvEngadam, thiruppARkadal, SrIvaikuNtam etc have become very insignificant, with no one bothering about them after emperumAn shifted his residence to AzhwAr’s divine mind)

iLam kOyil kai vidEl – Could one forget the place which had done great favour for him? Should one not be thankful for the favour received? Hence, AzhwAr prays to emperumAn not to give up thiruppARkadal. mAndhAthA, a king, gave all his 50 daughters in marriage to a sage by name saubari. When mAndhAthA went to daughters’ houses, individually, to check whether they were happy, each daughter told him “there is no problem for me. It is just that he does not go to anyone else’s house at all”. In the same way, AzhwAr is also afraid that emperumAn will stay only in his heart and will give up his other dwelling places such as thiruppARkadal etc.

We shall take up the 55th pAsuram next.

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