iraNdAm thiruvandhAdhi – 9 – anRadhu kaNdanjAdha

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AzhwAr is wondering as to why talk about pUthanA. He says that we should talk about the wonderful affection of yaSOdhA pirAtti. Is there any comparison for yaSOdhA pirAtti’s affection? In order to get rid of the sorrow caused by thinking about pUthanA, AzhwAr talks about the activities of yaSOdhA pirAtti and is happy saying that yaSOdhA is unique.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

anRadhu kaNdanjAdha Aychchi unakkirangi
ninRu mulai thandha innIrmaikku anRu
varan muRaiyAl nIyaLandha mAkadal sUzh gyAlam
perumuRaiyAl eydhumO pErththu

Word by Word Meaning

anRu – during that period (when you drank her milk and killed pUthanA such that she fell down like a corpse)
adhu kaNdu – looking at pUthanA’s corpse after she had nursed you
anjAdha – not fearing whether she would die if she (yaSOdhA pirAtti) nursed you
Aychchi – yaSOdhA pirAtti
ninRu – sustaining herself

(as an antidote to pUthanA’s milk)
unakku irangi mulai thandha – nursing you, being compassionate towards you
i nIrmaikku – for this great quality
anRu nI varan muRailyAl aLandha mA kadal sUzh gyAlam – this huge world surrounded by ocean, that you measured then because of your special relationship with it
pErththu perumuRaiyAl eydhumO – is it possible to compare [this deed of yours] to that great quality of yaSOdhA pirAtti’s, even if analysed repeatedly?


anRu adhu kaNdu anjAdha Aychchi – On that day when pUthanA died after nursing you. yaSOdhA did not fear whether anything untoward would happen to her, but feared whether anything untoward would happen to kaNNan (krishNa).

unakkirangi – she was in grief owing to the deep love that she had for you

ninRu mulai thandha innIrmaikku – without fearing for herself, she protected kaNNan by standing firmly on the floor [and nursing him]

anRu varan muRaiyAl – during that time when he received the world as a gift from mahAbali and measured it in a great manner. On that day when he measured the world, being the natural lord of the world. You [emperumAn] are the mother for this world. Hence nursing you is equivalent to nursing the world. nammAzhwAr too has mercifully said in thiruvAimozhi  3-1-10muRaiyAl ivvulagu ellAm padaiththu … aLandhAy” (you created and measured all the worlds properly).

mA kadal sUzh gyAlam – this earth which is surrounded by huge ocean.

peru muRaiyAl eydhumO pErththu – if they are compared for the greatness of the acts, will they be equal? Measuring the worlds is a great act. yaSOdhA nursing you without any fear is also a great act. AzhwAr is asking whether his measuring the worlds would equal the act of yaSOdhA pirAtti, even if compared repeatedly. AzhwAr says that if these two acts are compared, the act of yaSOdhA in nursing you is a greater act than that of emperumAn measuring the worlds.

pErththup perumuRaiyAl eydhumO – your act of measuring the worlds will not equal the characteristic of yaSOdhA pirAtti.

pErththAl – the meaning for this world can be construed as if thought of.

adiyEn krishNa ramanuja dhAsan

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