mudhal thiruvandhAdhi – 84 – pirAn un perumai

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AzhwAr asks emperumAn whether his protective nature was such that some people could measure it! He says that emperumAn’s desire to protect was much larger than the objects which were to be protected.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

pirAn un perumai piRar Ar aRivAr
urAy ulagu aLandha  nAnRu varAgaththu
eyiRRaLavu pOdhAvARu enkolO endhai
adikkaLavu pOndha padi

Word by Word Meanings

pirAn – Oh emperumAn!
urAy – without any tiredness
ulagu aLandha nAnRu – when (you) measured the worlds
endhai – you, my swAmy
adikku – for the divine feet
aLavu pOndha – appropriate for measurement
padi – the earth
varAgaththu – in the form of varAha (incarnation as wild boar)
eyiRRu aLavu – one part of the tusk
pOdhA ArU – being insufficient
en kol – how?
un perumai  – your greatness
piRar Ar aRivAr – who can know (other than you)?


pirAn un perumaiAzhwAr is wondering at the greatness of emperumAn. He says “One can only doubt whether you know or do not know your own greatness. No one can doubt that others are incapable of knowing your greatness” (is it not true that no one knows!).  thaiththirIya upanishath 2-8-9 says “sO angavEdha yadhi vA navEdha” (does he know or not, his own greatness).

urAy ulagu aLandha nAnRu – If we consider urAy is the same as ulAy (since the sounds ra and la are interchangeable as per grammar), it will mean wandering. In other words, emperumAn was wandering all over the place and measuring [during his incarnation as thrivikrama]. Alternatively, since celestial entities do not set their foot on earth, instead of doing like that on his own possession of earth, emperumAn kept his divine foot firmly on top of the heads of all the people. parASara bhattar would mercifully explain this as “when  he effortlessly measured, wandering”

endhai adikkaLavu pOndha padi varAgaththu eyiRRaLavu pOdhAvARu enkolo – the earth, which was sufficiently big for you to measure with your divine foot, became insignificant when you took your incarnation as varAha (wild boar) such that it appeared like a dot on the tusk of the boar. How did this happen? On one day, the earth was big enough, but on another day it was insignificant. How is this! Is it not because your desire to protect the earth is much bigger than that of the protected entity, earth! And, I am fully engrossed in such qualities of yours, says the AzhwAr.

We shall take up the 85th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa ramanuja dhAsan

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