mudhal thiruvandhAdhi – 74 – ERRAn puLLUrndhAn

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AzhwAr was asked as to why he was saying that there is no one to be attained other than emperumAn. Isn’t rudhra (Siva) appropriate to be attained? AzhwAr says that since rudhra is also the body for emperumAn, he is also protected by emperumAn only, like all the others. rudhra has nothing common with emperumAn, other than being body (rudhra) and soul (emperumAn). All the entities are sustained by emperumAn only. If one looks at the qualities of rudhra, it would be clear that he is being protected and emperumAn is the protector.

Let us enjoy the pAsuram and its meanings:

ERRAn puLLUrndhAn eyil eriththAn mArvidandhAn
nIRRAn nizhalmaNi vaNNaththAn kURRorupAl
mangaiyAn pUmagaLAn vArsadaiyAn nINmudiyAn
gangaiyAn nILkazhalAn kAppu

Word by Word Meanings

ERRAn – having (the not so famous) bull as vehicle
eyil eriththAn – burnt the three towns (of his followers)
nIRRAn – smearing ashes (to get rid of a curse)
kURRorupAl mangaiyAn – sustaining his wife pArvathi on one part (of his body)
vAr sadaiyAn – one who has matted hair, signifying that he is carrying out penance
gangaiyAn – Sivan who is having gangA on his head (to rid of sins)
puL UrndhAn – having garuda (who has vEdhas as his body) as his vehicle
mArvu idandhAn – tore the chest of iraNyan (hiraNyakashyap) (for the sake of his devotee prahlAdha)
nizhal maNivaNNaththAn – having a cool, comfortable form like a blue gemstone
pU magaLAn – having SrI mahAlakshmi on his chest
nIL mudiyAn – having the long crown (indicative of his greatness)
nIL kazhalAn – one having long divine feet (the origin of gangA)
kAppu – is the protector


ERRAn – Sivan is famous for having bull as his vehicle.

puLLUrndhAn – emperumAn has garuda, who is the embodiment of vEdhas, as his vehicle

eyil eriththAn – Siva had burnt down the towns of his devotees, in order to get the title of having burnt three towns.

mArvidandhAn – emperumAn transformed himself as narasimha (lion head with human body) in order to kill the enemy, iraNiyan (hiraNya kashyap), of his devotee prahlAdha.

nIRRAn – Sivan would smear ashes all over his body, like a person carrying out atonement for sins committed

nizhal maNi vaNNaththAn – emperumAn has a cool, comfortable form which will eliminate the anguish of his followers

kURRorupAl mangaiyAn – Sivan has his consort pArvathi on one half of his body and feels vain because of that.

pU magaLAn – as said in yajur vEdham 4-4-12 about SrI mahAlakshmi “asyESAna jagathO vishNupathnI” (she is the leader of the world and consort of vishNu), emperumAn has pirAtti (SrI mahAlakshmi) as his consort

vAr sadaiyAn – appropriate to the penance that he is carrying out, Sivan has hanging, matted hair.

nIL mudiyAn – emperumAn has long crown, which signifies that he is the lord of all the worlds.

gangaiyAn –  Sivan bears gangA on his head, in order to purify himself.

nIL kazhalAn – emperumAn has divine feet, which are the source for that gangA.

The meaning conveyed here is that emperumAn, with all the characteristics mentioned above, is the protector for Sivan, with his own set of characteristics as mentioned above.

We shall move on to the 75th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa ramanuja dhAsan

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