mudhal thiruvandhAdhi – 71 – nanRu piNi mUppu

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AzhwAr tells his heart in this pAsuram, “let the worldly people do whatever they want. Oh heart! you do not let go of emperumAn ever”. Just as nammAzhwAr says in thiruvAimozhi 8-10-2 “viyan mUvulagum pOyth thAnE thAnE AnAlum” (even if one were to get all the wealth in all the worlds and also kaivaylam (AthmA enjoying itself instead of carrying out service to emperumAn)), AzhwAr tells his heart not to have desire for the lowly benefits and worship emperumAn.

Let us enjoy the pAsuram and its meanings:

nanRu piNi mUppuk kaiyagaRRi nAngUzhi
ninRu nilam muzhudhum ANdAlum enRum
vidal Azhi nenjamE vENdinEn kaNdAy
adal Azhi koNdAn mAttu anbu

Word by Word Meanings

Azhi nenjamE – Oh heart, deep like the ocean!
piNi mUppu nanRu kai agaRRi – getting rid of disease and old age, well (and attaining kaivalyam)
nAngu Uzhi ninRu – being stable for four yugas (several eons)
nilam muzhudhum ANdAlum – even if one were to get all the wealth to rule all the worlds
adal Azhi koNdAn mAttu – the one who has the belligerent divine disc on his hands
anbu – friendliness
vidal – do not let go of
vENdinEn kaNdAy – behold, I am beseeching


nanRu piNi mUppuk kaiyagaRRi – getting rid of diseases, old age etc very well. This implies kaivalyam (a stage in which AthmA enjoys itself).

nAngu Uzhi ninRu nilam muzhudhum ANdAlum – even if one were to rule the universe until the entity time exists (several eons). This implies the wealth of entities such as brahmA (the deity for creation). Thus if one were to get both aiSvaryam (wealth) and kaivalyam (AthmA enjoying itself)….

enRum vidal – never let go of the affection towards emperumAn. aiSvaryam (wealth) is transient. Compared to service to emperumAn, kaivlayam is very lowly. The very fact that these two cannot equal emperumAn by any yardstick should be sufficient to discard them. In the same vein, it is enough to worship emperumAn alone.

Azhi nenjamE vENdinEn kaNdAy – just as one has to beg another person for drinking milk, am I not praying to you to carry out a sweet task!

Azhi nenjE – while you have already taken steps to worship emperumAn, am I not beseeching you?

adal Azhi koNdAn mAttu anbu vidal – do not let go of the affection that you have on emperumAn, who is holding the belligerent divine disc which is raring to spit fire on enemies. emperumAn is such an entity that he should be attained, even if one has to effect a payment [like a sambhAvaNai].

Azhi nenjE – I am telling you, who are capable of advising me, says the AzhwAr.

Let us consider the 72nd pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa ramanuja dhAsan

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