mudhal thiruvandhAdhi – 55 – avan thamar

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AzhwAr asks in this pAsuram as to who can look at emperumAn‘s followers, with anger in their eyes, when he is there to look for the enemies of his followers to destroy them. He says that yama’s (deity for dharma, righteousness) messengers cannot judge whether emperumAn’s followers have carried out any sins.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

avan thamar evvinaiyar Agilum engOn
avan thamarE enRu ozhivadhallAl naman thamarAl
ArAyappattum aRiyAr kaNdIr aravaNai mEl
pErAyaRku AtpattAr pEr

Word by Word Meanings

aAvan thamar – the followers of that paramapurushan (supreme soul or emperumAn)
evvinaiyar Agilum – irrespective of their deeds
“em kOn avan thamarE” enRu – praising them by saying “aren’t they the followers of my swAmy (lord) sarvESvaran (supreme being)”
ozhivadhallAl – other than leaving that place
aravaNai mEl pEr AyaRku AtpattAr pEr – those who have the names of the followers of emperumAn, who came out of the mattress of AdhiSEshan in order to protect his followers, as a cowherd
naman thamarAl – by the messengers of yama
ArAyappattu aRiyAr kaNdIr – you would see that they are not questioned [by the messengers of yama].


avan thamar evvinaiyar Agilum – In the words of the messengers of yama, “What does it matter as to what sins are committed by the followers of emperumAn? When those who are designed to question the sins of everybody cannot question the followers of emperumAn, can anyone else question them?” If one were to ask whether one cannot look for virtues or faults in the followers of emperumAn, the response will be that those who are his followers, even if they carry out certain deeds which are forbidden by SAsthras (sacred texts) no one can question them.

engOn avan thamarE enRu ozhivadhallAl – Other than saying that these persons are the followers of emperumAn, nothing else can be done. In SrI vishNu purANam 3-7-15 yama says “prabhavathi samyamanE mamApi vishNu:” (vishNu is capable of appointing me too). In the same SlOkam he further says “parihara madhusUdhana prapannAn prabhuraham anya nruNAm na vaishNavAnAm” (Leave aside those who have surrendered to madhusUdhanan (emperumAn). I am the Lord of others, but not of vaishNavas). He further says in SrI vishNu purANam 3-7-33 “kamalanayana! vAsudhEva! vishNO! dharaNidhara! SankachakrapANE! bhavaSaraSamithIrayanthi yE vai thyaja bhata dhUratharENa thAnapApAn ” (yama tells his messengers, “whoever says ‘Oh one with the lotus eyes! Oh vAsudhEva! Oh vishNu! Oh one who supports earth! Oh one who never lets down his followers! Oh one who holds the conch and disc! You are my saviour’, leave that person, who has not committed any sin, and go far away from him”)

naman thamarAl ArAyappattu aRiyAr kaNdIr – these people [who are followers of emperumAn] have not been questioned by even those who have been appointed to look into the sins of others and who are close to yama. Who are such people who cannot be questioned? Are they those who are followers of emperumAn? No, they are those who have as their names, the names of emperumAn’s followers. If a person, who is not emperumAn’s follower, has the name of his follower, his name will not be read out in yama’s court [among the names of those who have committed sins].

aravaNai mEl pErAyaRku AtpattAr pEr – these people (followers of emperumAn) can be searched only on the day when emperumAn’s bed is searched! [meaning that they can never be searched]. Just as periyAzhwAr says in periyAzhwAr thirumozhi 4-9-2 “thAmaraiyALAgilum sidhaguraikkumEl en adiyAr adhu seyyAr seydhArEl nanRu seydhAr enbar” even if SrI mahAlakshmi complains about followers to emperumAn, he will deny that. When such is the case, can the messengers of yama question them! Again, periyAzhwAr in his periyAzhwAr thirumozhi 4-6-1 says “nAraNan tham annai naragam pugAL” – if a newly born infant has been named after nArAyaNan, the mother of that infant becomes the mother of nArAyaNa himself. Will such a mother be ever go to narakam (hell)!

Let us move on to the 56th pAsuram.

adiyEn krishNa ramanuja dhAsan

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