mudhal thiruvandhAdhi – 50 – ariya pulanaindhadakki

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AzhwAr says that it is very easy to see emperumAn for those who are without involvement in worldly pursuits.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

ariya pulan aindhadakki Ay malar koNdu Arvam
puriya parisinAl pulgil periyanAy
mARRAdhu vIRRidundha mAvalipAl vaNkai nIr
ERRAnaik kAnbadhu eLidhu

Word by Word Meanings

ariya – difficult to control
pulan aindhu – the five sensory perceptions
adakki – to bring under one’s control
Ay malar koNdu – taking flowers after proper selection, in the hand
Arvam puriya parisinAl – in the path of love
pulgil – if worshipped
periyanAy – as a great person (in both wealth and magnanimity)
mARRAdhu vIRRirundha – without change (in donating)
mAvali pAl – towards mahAbali
vaN kai – with his munificent hands
nIr ERRAnai – emperumAn who received water [which is given as indication of commitment to donating]
kANbadhu – to worship
eLidhu – will be easy


ariya pulan aindhu adakki – controlling with difficulty the five sensory organs of ear, mouth, eye, nose and body [skin] which are uncontrollable. If water, meant for one channel, is diverted into two channels, it will become insufficient for both channels. In the same way, the sensory perceptions which are meant for enjoying emperumAn should be controlled, without going into worldly pursuits.

ariya pulan – in SrI bhagavath gIthA 6-34 arjuna tells krishNa “chanchalam hi mana: krishNa pramAthi balavadh dhrudam | thasyAham nigraham manyE vAyOr iva sudhushkaram ||” (krishNa! I think that this mind is unsteady, makes me agitated, strong, steady on lowly pursuits. Controlling it is as difficult as controlling wind). Thus, isn’t mind very difficult to control?

Ay malar koNdu Arvan puriya parisinAl pulgil – if we approach emperumAn with flowers appropriate to him, with love

Ay malar koNdu – with the best flowers

Arvam puriya parisu  – in a loving way

pulgil – if we embrace. Since attaining him is sweet, AzhwAr lovingly equates attainment as embracing him. Just as we desire to attain good things when we come across such things, it is enough if we desire to attain emperumAn. There is no need for any special rituals.

periyanAy mARRAdhu vIRRirundha mAvalipAl – thinking of himself as being superior to emperumAn, mahAbali sat [on his throne] as if he would give to everyone whatever they wanted without any refusal.

vaN kai nIr ERRAn – it is easy to see someone who is habituated to giving to others with his hands, but who goes to get seek alms from another. Is he not someone who will go and seek alms from someone who says that he will give something! Hence there is nothing difficult in attaining him; it is very easy.

We shall move on to the 51st pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa ramanuja dhAsan

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