Arththi prabandham – 56

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In the previous pAsuram, mAmunigaL said “madhurakavi sorppadiyE nilayAgap peRROm”. In relation to that and as a logical next step to it, in this pAsuram, he requests for eternal service at the lotus feet of emperumAnAr.

pAsuram 56

undhan abhimAnamE uththArakam enRu
sindhai theLindhirukka cheydha nI
andhO yathirAsA! nOygaLal ennai nalakkAmal
sadhirAga nin thiruththAL thA

Word-by-Word Meanings

ethirAsA! – hey the leader of yathis (ascetics)!!!
undhan abhimAnamE uththArakam enRu – As piLLai lOkAchAryar says “AchArya abhimAnamE uththArakam (SrI vachana bhUshaNam 447), the devotion and care that you (emperumAnAr) have towards me is the sole determining factor for a soul’s upliftment.
sindhai theLindhirukka cheydha nI – This point has been etched in my mind forever. As they say, “theLivuRRa sindhaiyar (thiruvAimozhi 7.5.11)”, you (emperumAnAr) had blessed my heart to be pure (without any dirt) forever.
andhO – Alas!!!
thA – You have to bestow
ennai – me
sadhirAga – intelligently
nin thiruththAL – (with service) to your lotus feet
nalakkAmal – without being affected
nOygaLal – with sufferings

Simple Translation

mAmunigaL requests kainkaryam at the lotus feet of emperumAnAr. This is following to what he said in the previous pAsuram “madhurakavi sorppadiyE nilayAgap peRROm”. He says that it was emperumAnAr who bestowed him with the knowledge about “what AchAryan thinks about you and how much devoted he is about you is what matters”. Even this knowledge is able to live in my mind and heart through his grace. Alas! He requests all his sufferings to end and requests emperumAnAr to smartly make a move and take him unto his lotus feet.


mAmunigaL says “hey! the leader of yathis. You are the person who preached and bestowed me with the knowledge of the phrase “AchArya abhimAnamE uththArakam (srivachanabhUshaNam 447). Based on that, your love and devotion towards me counts as everything for me. This philosophy has been so rooted in me as described in “theLivuRRa sindhaiyar (thiruvAimozhi 7.5.11)”. With your blessings, I am living by it. Alas! Please do not make me suffer more with pains in this world. As you said in SaraNAgathi gadhyam, “sukhEnEmAm prakruthim sthUla sUkshma rUpAm visrujya”, you should take me intelligently to your lotus feet and bless me with eternal service to them as per “un padha yugamAm yEr koNda vIdu (rAmAnusa nURRanthAdhi 83).

adiyEn santhAnam ramanuja dasan

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