Arththi prabandham – 54

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mAmunigaL continued to plead with SrI rAmAnuja in the earlier pAsuram and request him to uplift from this world and get him liberated. mAmunigaL knew that SrI rAmAnuja would yield to his requests. However, that does not suffice for mAmunigaL. It is because, as they say “oru pagal Ayiram UzhiyAy (thiruvAimozhi 10.3.1)”, each passing moment for mAmunigaL in this world feels like eons. mAmunigaL requests SrI rAmAnuja, “You are my relative of all sorts. You should not let me go through this suffering with this body in this world. I do not know when will you liberate me from this place and transport me to the place where there is infinite bliss (paramapadham)”.

pAsuram 54

innam eththanai nAL ivvudambudan
irundhu nOvu padakkadavEn aiyO
ennai idhininRum viduviththu nIr
enRu thAn thirunAttinuL yERRuvIr
annaiyum aththanum allAdha suRRamum Agi
ennai aLiththaruL nAdhanE
en idhaththai irAppagal inRiyE
EgameNNum ethirAsa vaLLalE !!!

Word-by-Word Meanings

nAdhanE – Hey!!! my master
aLiththaruL – (You) bless
ennai – me
Agi – by being my
annaiyum – mother who shows priyam,
aththanum – (by being) a father who does hitham and
allAdha suRRamum – (by being) all those desirable and closely knit relations.
ethirAsa vaLLalE – the magnanimous leader of all yathis (ascetics), one who is known as “emperumAnAr”!!!
irAppagal inRiyE EgameNNum – (One who) thinks day and night with undivided attention about
en – my
idhaththai – wish (only thost that  proves good for me)
(Even after falling at your lotus feet)
eththanai nAL – how much
innam – longer
nOvu padakkadavEn – I have to suffer
ivvudambudanE irundhu – in (with) this body?
aiyO – alas!!!
viduviththu – Please liberate
ennai – me
idhininRum – from this body that serves as the obstacle!!!
enRu thAn – when will
nIr – you
ERRuvIr – carry me to
thirunAttinuL – paramapadham?

Simple Translation

In this pAsuram, mAmunigaL says that emperumAnAr is his mother, father and his every kind of good relative. He always thinks about the well being of mAmunigaL. Hence, mAmunigaL asks him when he will be liberated from this bondage and grant him paramapadham, the place of infinite bliss? How long should he suffer with this body in this world.


mAmunigaL says, “As madhurakavi AzhvAr said ‘annaiyAy aththanAy ennai ANdidum thanmaiyAn (kaNNinun chiruth thAmbu 4)’, emperumAnArE! You are my mother who showers a lot of love to her child. You are my father who wishes for all good things for his child. You are my closely knit relative who leads a life of high valued principles. You are the leader of the yathis! As they say, “en manamEgamennum irAppagalinRiyE (thiruvAimozhi 9.3.7)”, you think about my well being day and night with undivided attention. Even after surrendering unto your lotus feet as described in “unakkAtppattum adiyEn innum uzhalvEnO (thiruvAimozhi 5.8.10)”, how much longer am I supposed to suffer with this mortal coil of mine in this world? Alas!!! When will you liberate me from this obstacle called “body” and liberate me to paramapadham, the place of infinite bliss? That day will be one unparalleled day. vaLLal would mean – a magnanimous person to whom one cannot reciprocate anything for the good deeds he did.

adiyEn santhAnam ramanuja dasan

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