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In the earlier pAsuram, mAmunigaL revealed his lack of interest towards mundane people of this earth by saying “ethirAsan adi naNNAdhavarai eNNAdhu”. However, mAmunigaL who is characterized by a soft, gentle and warming heart towards everyone, could not bear the abysmal state in which his fellow people (earthlings) were. Out of sheer compassion towards fellow human beings, he shows them the path to salvation in emperumAnAr’s lotus feet and lays the rules for it.

pAsuram 49

nandhA naragaththu azhundhAmai vENdidil nAnilaththIr
en thAdhaiyAna ethirAsanai naNNum enRum avan
andhAdhi thannai anusandhiyum avan thoNdarudan
sindhAkulam kedach chErndhirum muththi pin siththikumE!!!

Word-by-Word Meanings:

nAnilaththIr – Hey!!! People of this world that are of four types!!!
vENdidil – if you wish to
azhundhAmai – not be imbibed in
naragaththu – the hell that is also known as “samsAra sAgaram” or “worldly hell”
nandhA – which cannot be completed anytime by experiencing
(then listen to me)
naNNum – go and take refuge at
en – my
thAdhaiyAna – father
ethirAsanai – emperumAnAr.
anusandhiyum – chant and medidate
enRum – at all times
avan andhAdhi thannai – irAmAnusa nURRandhAdhi, that serves as “prapanna gAyathri” and that which resonates the name of emperumAnAr that paves way for salvation.
chErndhirum – be at the service of
avan thoNdarudan – his devotees who are the finest srivaishNavAs.
sindhAkulam – the pain and pangs caused by association with other things in this world
keda – will be obliterated upon which
muththi – salvation
pin siththikumE – will ensue at the opportune moment

Simple Translation

mAmunigaL, in this pAsuram, looks at the pitiable state of worldly people and tells them of an easy route to get liberated. He urges those who wish to be liberated from shackles of this world that is also regarded as hell, to go unto the lotus feet of his father emperumAnAr. He asks them to chant and meditate  “irAmAnusa nURRandhAdhi” that has the names of emperumAnAr in every one of the verses. He asks them to be at the service of the devotees of emperumAnAr. This would obliterate all sorts of pains and sufferings one would have experienced before taking shelter at the lotus feet of emperumAnAr. mAmunigaL assures that when the opportune time presents itself, they will be liberated for sure.


mAmunigaL says “This world is verily described as hell in our scriptures. To quote a few from AzhvArs‘ pAsurams, “nandhA naragaththazhundhA vagai (periya thirumozhi 11.8.9)”, “naragaththidai naNungA vagai (periya thirumozhi 7.9.5)” and “maRRai naragam (thiruvAimozhi 8.1.9)”. The experience, pains and sufferings in this hell known as “world”, is something that does not have an end at any point in time. It just goes on and on. Hey! my dear fellow earthlings who live in this world that are of four types!!! If you want to escape from this hell and not be immersed and imbibed in this hell and  want to be liberated from its wrath, here is what you should do. Please go towards my father emperumAnAr and take refuge under him. His very names that pave way for salvation are in each and every poem of “irAmAnusa nURRandhAdhi” that is also known as “prapanna gAyathri” [that which is to be recited by prapannas every day, without fail]. Go ahead and meditate upon those names. As described in irAmAnusa nURRandhAdhi, “un thoNdargaLukkE – (irAmAnusa nURRandhAdhi 107)”, please go and always strive at the lotus feet of the devotees of emperumAnAr. All your sufferings associated with whatever association you had hitherto will be obliterated without any trace. Upon this, you will be liberated at the opportune moment.

adiyEn santhAnam ramanuja dasan

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