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In the previous pAsuram, mAmunigaL mentioned about doing all kinds of kainkaryam to devotees. While using the word “irAmAnusAya nama:”, he got reminded of who gave him this mind of doing kainkaryam. In this pAsuram, he explains that it was periya perumAL who blessed his senses and organs to do kainkaryam for SrI rAmAnuja and his devotees. He says this very gleefully.

pAsuram 48

eNNAdhu ennenjam isaiyAdhu en nAvu irainjAdhu senni
kaNNAnavai onRum kANaluRA kaliyAr naliya
oNNAdha vaNNam ulagu aLiththOn ethirAsan adi
naNNAdhavarai arangEsar seydha nalam namakkE!!!

Word-by-Word Meanings

naNNAdhavarai – There are people who does not take refuge at
ethirAsan adi – the lotus feet of SrI emperumAnAr, who
aLiththOn – protected
ulagu – the worldly
kaliyAr – people of kali yugam, who have conscience
naliya oNNAdha vaNNam – from being pounced by the cruelities of kali
ennenjam – (Towards such people) my heart will not
eNNAdhu – think about them.
en nAvu – My speech
isaiyAdhu – will not be about them , be it talk / praise.
senni – My head
irainjAdhu – will not bow down (towards them).
kaNNAnavai – My eyes
onRum kANaluRA – will not see anything (related to them).
arangEsar – It was periya perumAL who gave me the thoughts and the senses associated with it.
seydha nalam namakkE – these senses does not go subservient to someone else. They are deserved only for SrI rAmAnuja. This great help was possible solely by the blessings of namperumAL
(kaliyAr naliya oNNAdha vaNNam ulagaLiththAn yathirAsAn – This phrase could also mean “SrI rAmAnuja who protected the world from the brunt of the cruel kali).

Simple Translation

mAmunigaL says that his mind, eyes, mouth and head will never do what they are supposed to do, when it comes to facing the people who do not surrender to the lotus feet of SrI rAmAnuja. He says that his eyes will not see them, his head will not bow down, his mind will not think and his mouth will not talk about them. He celebrates that this blessed opportunity was bestowed upon him by the infinite mercy of periya perumAL SrIrangarAjan.


mAmunigaL says “emperumAnAr protected this world from the wrath of the cruel kali as mentioned in “thAzhvonRillA maRai thAzhndhu thala muzhudhum kaliyE ALginRa nALvandhAliththavan (irAmAnusa nURRandhAdhi 16)”. As described in the phrase “pEr onRu maRRillai (irAmAnusa nURRandhAdhi 45)”, the means and the final destination are  emperumAnAr’s lotus feet. Those who do not realize this and surrender unto the lotus feet of emperumAnAr, this is how my senses and organs will behave. My mind and heart goes out, celebrates and immerses itself in the glorious attributes of emperumAnAr as described by “naiyum manam un guNangaLai eNNi” and ““nithyam yathIndhra (yathirAja vimSathi 4)”. But when it comes to those people who do not surrender unto the lotus feet of emperumAnAr, all my senses including my heart will stop thinking, praising, talking and seeing. The reason for this particular behavior of mine is due to periya perumAL SrI rangarAjan’s infinite mercy. “nalam” that is used in conjunction with “naNNAdhavarai arangEsar seydha nalam” means “wealth” here.  As per the phrase “mana:pUrvO vAguththara:”, the speech/mouth is closely associated with the mind as it acts as a channel to let the thoughts that emanate from the mind in the first place. However, my mouth will not talk about them nor praise them as in “nAviyal isai mAlaigaL yEththi (thiruvAimozhi 4.5.4)”. My head that goes and bows down to SrI rAmAnuja as in “praNamAmi mUrdhnA (thaniyan by kUraththAzhvAn)” would never bow to those people. As described by “kaN karudhidum kANa (irAmAnusa nURRandhAdhi 102)” and “SrI mAdhavAngri (yathirAja vimSathi 1”, my eyes will never see them. The word “kaliyAr” is personification of kali yuga. It goes to prove that the evil and cruel effects of kali are so powerful that one gets fear instilled and call them with respect out of fear for it as seen in the usage “EvinAr kaliyAr (periya thirmozhi 1.6.8”)

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