Arththi prabandham – 43

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In the last pAsuram, mAmunigaL used the phrase “irangAy ethirAsA”. This might connote that mAmunigaL is frustrated. A person who want to go to paramapadham needs two things namely (a) the interest to go there and (b) the lack of interest to stay here (in  this earth). These two requirements are summarized as “prApya bhUmiyil prAvaNyamum thyAjya bhUmiyil jihAsayum (SrI vachana bhUshaNam 458)”. mAmunigAL is frustrated because he feels that he does not have these two requirements of a person want to go to paramapadham. He is deeply saddened by it and wonders how SrI rAmAnuja can grant paramapadham if he does not have these two qualifications.

pAsuram 43

indha ulagil porundhAmai Edhumillai
andha ulagil pOga Asaiyillai
indha namakku eppadiyE thAn tharuvar endhai ethirAsar
oppil thirunAdu ugandhu

Word-by-Word Meanings

Edhumillai – (I) do not have an iota of
porundhAmai – lack of interest that would make push me from
indha ulagil – this cruel world that needs to be discarded.
Asaiyillai – (Also I) have no interest
pOga – to go
andha ulagil – to paramapadham that is the ultimate destination for all.
indha namakku – Towards such a person (me), who does not have these two necessary qualifications
eppadiyE thAn – how can
endhai – my father
ethirAsar – emperumAnAr
tharuvar – give
ugandhu – with happiness
thirunAdu – paramapadham
oppil – that is incomparable

Simple Translation

In this pAsuram, mAmunigaL says that he does not have the two necessary qualifications of a person who wants to go to paramapadham.  He says that he does not have any trace of hatred towards this materialistic earth. On the flip side, he does not have the extreme interest to ascend to paramapadham. With a predicament such as this, he wonders as to how his father emperumAnAr would happily grant him paramapdham.


mAmunigaL says” I do not have any lack of interest in this world, which is described as one that is cruel and to be discarded in “koduvulagam kAttEl (thiruvAimozhi 4.9.7)”. Neither do I have any interest to go to paramapdham that is described as the place that everyone should be yearning to go “vAn ulagam theLindhE enReydhuvadhu (periya thirumozhi 6.3.8). If this is the case, how can my father emperumAnAr happily take me to paramapadham that has no equals anywhere?

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