Arththi prabandham – 41

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This pAsuram is yet another reply from mAmunigal to an imaginary question that he thinks might be running in SrI rAmAnuja’s mind. The question is as follows. SrI rAmAnuja asked “hey mAmunigaL! Fine. You ask me to extreme favors yet not look upon your sins. Is this something that can be done?”. mAmunigaL answers, “svAmi. Please show compassion on me. The connection with this prakruthi (material nature) has made me to do innumerable sins. No one is a match to me in doing sins. You have incarnated in this world to protect each and every being (both sentient and non-sentient) and get them all liberated. Hence, I request you to shower your blessings on me”.

pAsuram 41

enaippOl pizhai seyvAr ivvulagil uNdO?
unaippOl porukkavallAr uNdO?
anaiththulagum vAzhappiRandha ethirAsa mAmunivA
Ezhaikku irangAy ini

Word-by-Word Meanings

ivvulagil uNdO? – Even if one were to search this entire universe, will they get a person
seyvAr – who does
pizhai – sins
enaippOl – like me?
unaippOl – Is there anyone like you
porukkavallAr uNdO?– who patiently tolerates (people’s sins)?
ethirAsa – one who has the name “ethirAsA” and
mA – is venerable
munivA – and is revered as the foremost among the group of yOgis!!!
piRandha – The reason for yourvincarnation is
anaiththulagum – (everyone in) all the worlds
vAzha – to live (by the way of liberation)
irangAy ini – please show compassion on!!!
Ezhaikku – me who is characterized by chapalam (the behavior that makes a person to want anything and everything he comes across)

Simple Translation

In this pAsuram, mAmunigaL says there is no one who has committed more sins than him. On the other side, he says there is no one who can patiently forgive and accept a person than SrI rAmAnuja. Given this, he asks SrI rAmAnuja to shower his choicest blessings for he has committed innumerable sins. He says that the reason for SrI rAmanuja’s incarnation in this world in the first place is to uplift everyone. So mAmunigaL pleads him to help him.


There is an excerpt from rAmAnusa nURRanthAdhi 48nigarinRi ninRa en nIsadhaikku” that talks about the unmatched lowliness of a person. mAmunigal here says “If one were to set to find out a person who is on par with me in terms of committing sins, the person would return with empty hands”. mAmunigaL says that there is no person who is a match to him in terms of sins committed. In the same rAmAnusa nURRAnthAdhi pAsuram, there is another phrase “aruLukkum ahdhE pugal”. This means that there is no one who is a match to SrI rAmAnuja in the entire universe, when it comes to patiently dealing with the sins and yet calmly tolerating them.  mAmunigaL continues, “hey emperumAnArE!!! You are always thinking about ways to get everything and everyone in all the worlds liberated from the shackles of bondage. This is the reason for your incarnation.  You always think about ways to make them better by liberating them altogether.  Hence, I request you to shower your compassion on me. I am characterized by poverty (poverty here refers to the weak minded state of the mind where the mind wants to posses and enjoy everything and anything it sees. This state is known as “chapalam” ).

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