Arththi prabandham – 40

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pAsuram 40

avaththE pozhudhai adiyEn kazhiththu
ippavaththE irukkum adhu paNbO?
thivaththE yAn sErum vagai aruLAy sIrAr ethirAsA
pOrum ini ivvudambaip pOkku

Word-by-Word Meanings

adiyEn – I, the eternal servant (of SrI rAmAnuja)
avaththE kazhiththu – have wasted just like that
pozhudhai – those golden times that could have been spent wisely by doing servitude at the lotus feet (of sri rAmAnuja).
paNbO? – (hey SrI rAmAnuja!!!) Will it be befitting to your stature and qualities?
irukkumadhu – if I were to remain in
ippavaththE – this samsAram that is an enemy (to me doing eternal service to you).
sIrAr ethirAsA – Oh yathirAja! the one who is replete with auspicious qualities,
pOkku – Destroy
ini ivvudambai – this body and
aruLAy – please bless
yAn – me
sErum vagai – with the way to reach
thivaththE – paramapadham.
pOrum – It is enough of me being in the prison called “samsAram”.

Simple Translation

mAmunigaL laments for the wasted time in which he feels he could have done service to his master SrI rAmAnuja. He asks him why he cannot cut asunder his body that seems to be in this materialistic world forever. He tells him if he can do that and take him to paramapadham, a place that he always yearns for, he can do incessant service to SrI rAmAnuja.


mAmunigaL says “hey srI rAmAmuja! I was born just to serve you. However all the years, I have wasted the golden times where I could have served you incessantly. I am still deeply immersed in this samsAram.  The fact that I am being here forever in this mundane earth, will never fit to your compassion. Hence, I request you to bless me with the path to paramapadham, a place where the opportunities to server you get multiplied constantly. I am very anxious to go to the place that is being described as “parandhAmam ennum thivam”. However in order for this to happen, hey emperumAnArE, the one who is the leader of sanyAsis, the one who is replete with auspicious qualities, I request you to stop my stay in this samsAram. I request you to destroy my body that is living with the soul in this world which is the source of ignorance and is an impediment to do eternal service to you. Doing this service is the ultimate objective and I request you to kindly grant that”. There is another way of reciting this pAsuram, i.e., “adiyEn ippavaththE irukumadhu paNbO?” This would mean that mAmunigal is asking SrI rAmAnuja whether it is the characteristic trait of me to remain in this world?

adiyEn santhAnam ramanuja dasan

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