Arththi prabandham – 37

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mAmunigaL assumes that SrI rAmAnuja tells him something. This pAsuram is a reply to what SrI rAmAnuja might have been thinking in his mind. SrI rAmAnuja says, “hey! mAmunigaL ! You are talking about the bad effects of the senses and eventually scared about it. Do not worry. I will not make you fall prey to wrath of senses and sins. Yet, the reason I am still keeping you, who fears a lot, in this mundane earth is as follows. There is a phrase “Arththi adhikAra pUrththikkenumadhu mukhyam”, according to which one should earn Arthi (interest) and adhikAram (qualification to be liberated and go to paramapadham). Till that time both of them happens, one has to stay here in this earth. Hence, once you have the highest interest to go to paramapadham and you are really deserving in terms of qualification, I will ensure that you reach mOksham (paramapadham). Till that time, you will have to be here”. mAmunigaL replies, “hey! SrI rAmAnuja! I have never had any qualification anytime in my life hitherto. With that said, what kind of qualification I am going to get in the future? What is the reason you are not creating the desired qualifications for me? Why are you not annihilating all the impediments that stand in the way of necessary things needed to get qualified to go to paramapadham? Why are you not destroying those impediments and not taking me to paramapadham yet?

pAsuram 37

inRaLavum  illAdha adhikAram mElum enakku
enRu uLadhAm sollAy ethirAsA
kunRA vinaiththodarai vettivittu mElai vaikunthaththu
ennai kaduga yERRAdhadhu yEn?

Word-by-Word Meanings

sollAy – (emperumAnArE!) please tell me this.
inRaLavum – Till now
illAdha adhikAram – (I have had) no qualification (to go to paramapadham)
mElum – (this being the case) from now on
enakku – For me
enRu uLadhAm – when will it happen? When will or will it ever happen? Will I ever get qualified to go to paramapadham? (Will it happen now, given that it has not happened anytime ever in my earlier lives)
ethirAsA – hey emperumAnArE!!!
yEn? – why are you?
kaduga ennai yERRAdhadhu – not quickly taking me unto
mElai – the greatest
vaikunthaththu – paramapadham
vettivittu – (by) cutting asunder
kunRA – the undiminishing
vinaiththodarai – bondage of sins

Simple Translation

In this pAsuram, mAmunigaL asks SrI rAmAnuja as to what is the reason the latter is no annihilating the undiminishing group of sins? What is the reason SrI rAmAnuja is not acting quickly to take mAmunigaL to paramapadham. mAmunigaL opines that if qualification is the reason, he says that he will never be qualified to go to paramapadham. He had never had an iota of qualification or deserved to go to paramapadham. He questions SrI rAmAnuja as in how can he get these qualifications in the coming future?


mAmunigaL says “As the saying goes “inRu thirunAdumenakkaruLa eNNuginrAy”, what kind of qualification (to go to paramapadham) will I be getting now or in the future, given that I have never had any inking of that in the past? How can the qualification spring up now in my life that has never seen any thing of that sort ever. SrI rAmAnuja!!!! You should tell me about it. My bondage of sins is such that it is never diminishing and is a clear roadblock to aspire to go to paramapadham as they say “thonmAvalvinai thodar”. Why are you not annihilating these sins and take me to the greatest paramapadham that is described as “mElai vaikunthathiruththum (thiruvAimozhi 8.6.11)”. Why you are not taking me to paramapadham? I have lot of interest to go to paramapadham. Why are you not taking me immediately and still having me in this earth that is plagued by ignorance? I do not have any power and only you have all the power to effect anything in this regard? What is the reason that you are not taking the necessary steps to make me go to paramapadham?

adiyEn santhAnam ramanuja dasan

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