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As said in SrI bhagavath gIthA 9.13 “mahAthmanas thu mAm …” (but the great souls who are pure, know me and worship me without placing their mind in anything else), those good souls who attain you are able to see you; and ALavandhAr thinks that those good souls attaining him as said in thiruvAimozhi 1.3.4yArumOr nilaimaiyan ena aRiveLiya emperumAn” (emperumAn is such that he can be perceived by [devoted] people as “He is of such qualities”) and considers it [them knowing/attaining emperumAn] as his (ALavandhAr‘s) own benefit.

ullangitha thrividha SImasamAdhiSAyi
sambhAvanam thava paribradimasvabhAvam |
mAyAbalEna bhavathA’pi nigUhyamAnam
paSyanthi kEchidhaniSam thvadhananyabhAvA: ||

Word by word meaning

ullangitha – crossed over (beyond)
thrividha SIma – having three types of measurements (kAla (time), dhESa (place) and vasthu (entity))
(ullangitha) sama athiSAyi sambhAvanam – (crossed over (beyond) ) having doubt of “if there is anyone equal or higher?”
thava paribradima svabhAvam – your prabhuthva (lordship)
mAyA balEna – by amazing ability
bhavathA nigUhyamAnam api – even when concealed by you
thvath ananya bhAvA: – those who think about you exclusively
kEchith – some great souls
aniSam – all times
paSyanthi – are seeing

Simple Translation

Those (few) great souls who think about you exclusively are seeing your prabhuthva (lordship) which is beyond having three types of measurements (kAla (time), dhESa (place) and vasthu (entity)) and is beyond any doubt of “if there is anyone equal or higher?”, even when your such lordship was concealed by you by your amazing ability.

vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

  • ullangitha – Your lordship which is without the three types of limits and is beyond doubt of anything equal or greater. By being vibhu (all pervading), there is no limit by place/space; by being nithyam (eternal), there is no limit by time; by being the prakAri (substratum) of everything and due to no other entity being able to sustain in separation from you, there is no limit by entity; there is none who is equal to him or greater than him present.
  • mAyA balEna – concealing with the strength of prakruthi (material nature) which hides bhagavAn‘s svarUpam; his having amazing abilities which make the divine form of bhagavAn look like material forms.
  • bhavathApi nigUhyamAnam – you who is said as in nAnmugan thiruvanthAdhi 60 “AL pArththuzhi tharuvAy” (searches for devotees); even when you concealed your greatness as said in SrI rAmAyaNam yudhdha kANdam 120.11 “AthmAnam mAnusham manyE” (SrI rAma – I consider myself as a human), SrIvishNu purANam 5.3.12 “aham vO bAndhavO jAtha:” (krishNa – I consider myself as your (cowherds) relative).
  • paSyanthi kEchidhaniSam thvath ananyabhAvA: – Those great souls who are sath prakruthi (good people) will see you as you are at all times.
  • thvath ananyabhAvA: -Those who don’t have thoughts about anything but you; those who don’t know any means other than you; also said as those who know nothing other than you as the target of their knowledge.

In the next article we will enjoy the next SlOkam.

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