upadhESa raththina mAlai – 52

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pAsuram 52

pinnai vadakkuth thiruveedhip piLLai anbAl
anna thirunAmaththai Adhariththu – mannu pugazh
maindharkkuch chARRugaiyAl vandhu parandhadhu engum
indhath thirunAmam ingu.                           52


Word by word meaning

pinnai – later
vadakkuth thiruveedhip piLLAi vadakkuth thiruveedhip piLLAi who is nampiLLai’s disciple
anbAl – due to affection (towards his AchAryan)
Adhariththu – liked
anna – such
thirunAmaththai – divine name,
chARRugaiyAl – gave that name
myndharkku – to his divine son
mannu – of ever present
pugazh – greatness,
indha thirunAmam – (so) this divine name that is (piLLai) lOkAchAryar
vandhu – came about in this manner,
parandhadhu – spreading
engum – in all places
ingu – in this world.


Now he (maNavALa mAmunigaL) is divining his showing that such is the reason for the divine name lOkAchAryar to spread everywhere in the world, starting the pAsuram with ‘pinnai’.

That is – during that time when the divine name of nampiLLai as lOkAchAryar was going well established, he who was having staunch indifference to worldly objects (athi virakthar), and who was always doing service to his AchAryan nampiLLai – that is vadakkuth thiruveedhip piLLai, due to his AchAryan’s command a divine son incarnated in the same year; then he who is immersed in love towards AchAryan –

vadakkuthiruveedhipillaivadakkuth thiruveedhip piLLai

anbAl anna thirunAmaththai Adhariththu – Since this divine name was given by affectionate ones (anbudaiyOr sARRu [upadhEsa raththinamAlai – 50]), he (vadakkuth thiruveedhip piLLai) too with affection, loved that name whose greatness is beyond words and mind and –

mannu pugazh maindharkkuch chARRugaiyAl – due to naming his divine son who is of apt nature for naming with such a name; that is, being an incarnation of nambUr(u) varadhar (being born as per his (nampiLLai’s) command) and thiru aththiyUr (hasthigiri – kAnchIpuram) varadhar (being of same star day), to such divine son having ‘ERkum perum pugazh [thiruvAimozhi 3.9.11]’ (greatness that fits the state of emperumAn, nammAzhvAr, thiruvAimozhi, etc.). In this way, due to divining the name to the divine son having such ever present greatness,

piLLaiLOkacharyar_thiruvarangammannu pugazh maindhar – piLLai lOkAcharyar – as divining in thiruvarangam

vandhu parandadhu, etc. – In this way this name was gratified by krishNa pAdhar (vadakkuth thiruveedhip piLLai), and his divine son’s name came and spread here everywhere. A name that flooded; his name that is piLLai lOkAchAryar jumped up around in the world and spread everywhere. Like how when a flood breaks boundary it would flood forests, higher grounds, etc., this flood that is his name spread everywhere whether they  are having knowledge or lacking it, in such a way that everyone could know, think, and reach true goal.

jIyar too would repeat many times this divine name as he said in ‘vAzhi ulagAsiriyan [mumukshuppadi thaniyan] (long live piLLai lOkAchAryar), and to his confidential (antharanga) disciples he guided them about this name for reaching true goal; and when looking at those who are indifferent to this name, he would always feel dejected saying “when there is this simple and sweet name, without thinking about this and reaching true goal, they are suffering (in this earth)”.

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Translation: raghurAm SrInivAsa dhAsan

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