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periya thirumozhi – 2.6.6 – pulankoL

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periya thirumozhi >> Second centum >> Sixth decad

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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


pulankoL nidhikkuvaiyOdu puzhaik kaimmA kaLiRRinamum
nalangoL navamaNikkuvaiyum sumandhu engum nAnRosindhu
kalangaL iyangum mallaik kadalmallaith thalasayanam
valamkoL manaththAravarai valam koL en madanenjE!

Word-by-Word meanings

pulan – senses
koL – that which captivates
nidhik kuvaiyOdu – along with heap of gold
puzhai – having hole
kai – having hand [trunk]
mA – huge
kaLiRRinamum – herd of elephants
nalam koL – good
nava maNik kuvaiyum – collection of nine types of gems
sumandhu – carrying
engum – wherever seen (due to the weight of the loaded materials)
nAnRu – lowered
osindhu – swaying
kalangaL – boats
iyangum – moving around
mallai – greatness
kadal mallaith thala sayanam – one who is mercifully reclining on the ground in thirukkadalmallai
valam koL manaththAr avarai – those who consider circum-ambulating him matches their true nature
en mada nenjE – Oh my obedient mind!
valam koL – You circumambulate them and be uplifted

Simple translation

thirukkadalmallai has the greatness of having boats which are swaying and moving around; these boats are lowered in level due to carrying heap of gold which captivates the senses, herd of huge elephants which are having trunks (hand with a hole at the end) and good collection of nine types of gems. Oh my obedient mind! You circum-ambulate those who consider circum-ambulating emperumAn who is mercifully reclining on the ground in such thirukkadalmallai, matches their true nature, and be uplifted.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

pulan koL nidhik kuvaiyOdu – With heap of gold which makes those who see it to think “mamEtham” (why should I not have it?).

puzhaik kai mA kaLiRRinam – Herd of huge elephants which have trunks (hand with hole at the end).

nalam … – Nine types of gems.

nalam koL – They are such good that they need not be brought to the shore and tested by experts to prove their value. The value can be readily seen then and there.

sumandhu – Since these are good materials, people will load them into the boat without considering whether the boat can handle them or not.

sumandhu engum nAnRu osindhu – thalasayanam in thirukkadalmallaim which has the greatness of these boats are fearfully moving around making one think “it is going to break this side; it is going to break on the other side” due to the weight of the loaded materials. AzhwAr is not speaking about these because he has some use for them. But he is considering them to be decorations for the dhivyadhESam just as the gardens are.

valam koL manaththAr avarai – Those who have their hearts immersed in thirukkadalmallai. nanjIyar would mercifully explain “I was once following piLLai thirunaRaiyUr araiyar and [parASara] bhattar while they were circum-ambulating the temple. Unlike us who do it as a duty in a hurried manner, they were glancing at the beauty of the divine residences, divine towers as if they were imbibing them with their eyes”.

avarai valam koL – We cannot remain in their mood. But we should engage in following their foot steps.

en mada nenjE – AzhwAr is saying “You are like-minded with me and you are obedient towards me”.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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