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upadhEsa raththina mAlai – Simple Explanation – pAsurams 64 and 65

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upadhEsa raththina mAlai

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pAsuram 64

Sixty fourth pAsuram. He tells his heart that even though AchAryan is the ultimate benefit, viz. one should attain him and enjoy being with him, there is no possibility for one to separate from one’s AchAryan.

than Ariyanaukkuth thAn adimai seyvadhu avan
innAdu thannil irukkum nAL – annEr
aRindhum adhil Asai inRi AchAriyanaip
pirindhiruppAr Ar manamE pEsu

Despite a disciple knowing well that it is his fortune that he can carry out service to his AchAryan only until the AchAryan lives in this world, would any disciple, without any desire in it, separate from his AchAryan? Oh heart! Please tell me.

A disciple can carry out service to his AchAryan only until the AchAryan is alive. Once AchAryan attains paramapadham, the disciple loses the opportunity to carry out service directly, to the AchAryan. Hence, one should carry out service to one’s AchAryan until he is alive. In line with the explanation given in the previous pAsuram, mAmunigaL followed this. Our preceptors too were engaged like this in service to their AchAryas.

pAsuram 65

Sixty fifth pAsuram. Showing the activities of AchArya and disciple, mAmunigaL says that it is difficult to see these in practice.

AchAriyan sichchan Aruyiraip pENumavan
thEsArum sichchan avan sIr vadivai – Asaiyudan
nOkkum avan ennum nuNNaRivaikkEttu vaiththum
Arkkum annEr niRkai aridhAm

AchAryan will protect the esteemed AthmA (soul) of disciple through his instructions and activities. However, the disciple, who received effulgent knowledge from AchAryan, will protect the divine form of AchAryan, which has the greatness of being desired by emperumAn himself, through his services. Even if these had been heard from elders through one’s lineage, though they are good to hear, it is difficult to act according to these.

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