periya thirumadal – 25 – pannu vichiththirimA

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

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pannu  vichiththiramAp  pAppaduththa paLLi mEl                           30
thunniya  sAlEgam  sUzhkadhavam thAL  thiRappa
annam  uzhakka  nerindhukka vANeelach                                        31
chinna  naRundhAdhu  sUdi Or mandhAram
thunnu  naRumalarAl  thOL kottik  kaRpagaththin                            32

Word by word meaning

vichiththiramA pAppaduththa – being spread out expansively
pannu paLLimEl – on the mattress which is to be extolled
thunniya sAlEgam sUzh kadhavam thAL thiRappa – with the doors of the closely fabricated windows opening out
annam uzhakka nerindhu ukka vAL neelam naRu chinna thAdhu sUdi – wearing the grains of fragrant, minute pollens from the blue water lily which had been crushed by the stamping of swans
Or mandhAram thunnu naRumalarAl thOL kotti – decorating the shoulders with fragrant flowers which are from the distinguished mandhAram tree (a celestial flower bearing tree)


pannu vichiththiramAp pAppaduththa paLLi mEl – on the expansive mattress  which  has been spread out, with different colours, to be extolled upon.

thunniya sAlEgam – window with closely drilled holes in it. The holes have been drilled such that they would allow just sufficient volume of air to pass through, ensuring that it does not become a huge flow of air.

sUzh kadhavam – the doors for the windows, which are surrounding them.

thAL thiRappa – they will open out of their own, when the air desires to flow in.

The pAsuram now describes the southerly wind which is entering the window as if it were a mahApurush (a great person).

annam uzhakka nerindhu ukka – swans enter water bodies where blue Indian lilies are blossoming. They go so swiftly through the flowers that the honey (in the flowers), the pollen dust and pollen grains get ground to a fine paste, just like mud is agitated, and they form a fine powder.

vAL neelach chinna naRundhAdhu sUdi – just as kings don themselves with garlands, wearing such powdered pollens of white lily flowers as a garland

Or mandhAram thunnu naRu malarAl thOL kotti – wearing the tightly strung, unique mandhAra flower as a garland, just like kings would wear, on the shoulders.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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