periya thirumadal – 24 – mannum mazhai thavazhum

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mannu mazhai thavazhum vANilA nINmadhi thOy
minnin oLi sEr visumbUrum mALigai mEl                                             29
mannu maNi viLakkai mAtti mazhaikkaNNAr

Word by word meaning

iruvisumbil mannu mazhai thavazhum – in the expansive ethereal layer, with the region of clouds fitting well
vAn nilA nIL madhi thOy  – with the huge, beautiful moon fitting well
minnin oLi sEr – having the lustre of lightning
visusmbu Urum mALigai mEl – in the aerial vehicle which is roaming around in the sky
mazhai kaNNAr – women with cool eyes
mannu maNi viLakkai mAtti – hanging the lamps of rubies, which will never get put out


Now onwards, until the verse innamum mAndhiyiruppar, the pAsuram talks of the lowly pleasures which he enjoys with the celestial women.

iru visumbil – in the expansive world of celestials

mannu mazhai thavazhum – the clouds will always settle on the mansion, without any distinction between summer and monsoon time. They are the rest houses built for the clouds to take rest when they roam around, laden with water, in order to precipitate as rain at various locations, as mentioned in thiruviruththam pAsuram 32 “uyiraLippAn mAgangaL ellAm thirindhu nannIrgaL sumandhu num AgangaL nOva …. ” (in order to nurture life, you are roaming in all the skies, taking in good water (in order to precipitate as rain on earth), hurting your bodies in the bargain . . . .)

vAn nilA nINmadhi thOy – it is the resting place for moon also, which is continuous in terms of sweetness, and having the shining moon light

minnin oLi sEr – having a radiance which will be blinding on the eyes

visumbUrum – the mansion will be located on  highlands such that it could be said that those places where the clouds and moon are resting could be termed as troughs. Thus it will have both crests and troughs.

mALigai mEl mannu maNi viLakkai mAtti – hanging rubies, after removing any surface defect on them, atop the mansion, to emit light like lamps, firmly.

mazhaik kaNNAr – those who have eyes which are like rain-bearing clouds, being dark and cool. The eyes are so cool that if they see a person once, that person will have his teeth clattering for the rest of his life.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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