periya thirumadal – 23 – mannum maNiththalaththu

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mannu maNiththalaththu mANikka manjariyin                                          26
minnin oLi sEr paLingu viLimbu aduththa
mannum pavaLakkAl semponsey maNdabaththuL                                     27
anna nadaiya arambaiyar tham kai vaLarththa
innisai yAzh pAdal kEttu inbuRRu iruvisumbil                                              28

Word by word meaning

mannum maNi thalaththu – having a floor studded with distinguished gem stones
mANikka manjariyin – having flowery decorations made with ruby stones
minnin oLisEr paLingu viLimbu aduththa – having cornice (similar to thiNNai that we see in traditional houses) made with crystals which have radiance similar to lightning
mannum pavaLakkAl – having glittering pillars of red coral
semponsey maNdabaththuL – inside the hall made of reddish gold (pure gold)
annam nadaiya arambaiyar tham kaivaLarththa – being nurtured by caressing with their own hands, by celestial women who have a gait similar to that of a swan
in isai yAzh pAdal – the song from vINai (a stringed, traditional musical instrument) which has sweet notes
kEttu inbuRRu – hearing it and feeling joyful


Now the pAsuram describes the hall in the court of celestials through the sequence vENdidaththu . . . . kEttu inbuRRu.

vENdidaththu – in the places which they desired

Starting from  mannu maNiththalaththu until semponsey, these are attributes for the court-hall.

mannu maNiththalaththu – it has a floor which is studded with gem stones which are distinguished.

mANikka manjariyin – the decorations are made up by stringing them with rubies instead of flowers.

minnoLi sEr – the hall is full of the effulgence emitted by these ruby decorations.

paLingu viLimbu aduththa – it has cornices which are made with crystal stones

mannum pavaLakkAl – since it is a hall in which great celestial danseuses such as rambA, mEnakA, thilOththamA, Urvasi et al relax by reclining on them, it has several pillars made of shiny red coral gems.

semponsey maNdabaththuL – inside the hall made of purest form of gold

anna nadai arambaiyar tham kaivaLarththa – the music which has been nurtured by the celestial ladies with their own hands, just as they nurture plants by watering them with their hands.

innisai – it is the music of the celestial world, far superior to the music that we hear on earth.

yAzh pAdal kEttu inbuRRu – enjoying that music emanating from the musical instrument yAzh (similar to modern day vINA).

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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