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mUnRAm thiruvandhAdhi – 55 – periya varai mArvil

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AzhwAr enjoys the beauty of emperumAn who has affection like this for bhUmippirAtti.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

periya varai mArvil pErAram pUNdu
kariya mugil idai min pOla thiriyungAl
pANodunga vaNdaRaiyum pangayamE maRRavan than
nINedungaN kAttum niRam

Word by Word Meanings

periya varai mArvil – in the divine chest [of emperumAn] which is like a huge mountain
pErAram pUNdu – donning a huge necklace
thiriyungAl – if he roams around
kariya mugil idai min pOla – it will appear like a flash of lightning across rain-laden clouds
maRRu – more over
avan than – that emperumAn’s
nIL negum kaN – long expansive eyes’
niRam – colour
pAN odunga vaNdu aRaiyum pangayamE kAttum – lotus flower, in which beetles remain and sing so sweetly that all the other songs which had earlier been sung and called as songs would be obliterated, would show out.


periya varai mArvilemperumAn’s divine form would appear like mEru mountain (a celestial mountain which is very huge). With garlands decorating his divine chest, the divine chest would appear like a mountain which cannot be estimated [for its expansiveness].

pErAram pUNdu – the greatness of the garland is such that it has to be folded twice over on that divine chest.

kariya mugil idai min poLa – an example is given to describe how the garland appeared on his black divine chest. Just as a flash of lightning would appear across dark clouds, the golden garland appeared across the black divine form of emperumAn.

thiriyungAl – when emperumAn was roaming here and there, donning the huge garland on his divine chest. Or, it can be construed as: when thinking of this beauty.

pAN odunga vaNdu aRaiyum pangayamE – the beetles will sing so sweetly that all the others who can sing would hang out their heads in shame. Lotus flowers, on which these beetles would be foraging, would show. What will they show?

maRRu avan than nIL nedungaN kAttum niRam – They will show the colour of the long, expansive divine eyes of emperumAn. The lotus flower will show the colour of his eyes whose beauty is immeasurable. Did not nammAzhwAr too describe emperumAn’s divine eyes in his thiruviruththam 45 “perum kEzhalAr tham perungaN malarppuNdarIkam” by saying that emperumAn’s divine eyes are like lotus flowers!

We will take up the 56th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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