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In the previous pAsuram AzhwAr mentioned about the victories of kaNNan and Sri Rama. In this pAsuram he celebrates [emperumAn’s ] other incarnations and his activities.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

nIyanRu ulagaLandhAy nINda thirumAlE
nIyanRu ulagidandhAy enbarAl nIyanRu
kArOdham mun kadaindhu pin adaiththAy mAkadalai
pErodha mEnip pirAn

Word by Word Meaning

pErOdham mEnip pirAn – Oh benefactor who has the divine form like a huge ocean!
nINda thirumAlE – Oh thirumAl, who has fame beyond one’s thoughts!
nI – you, who are like these
anRu – once upon a time
ulagu – all the worlds
aLandhAy – measured (as thrivikrama)
nI anRu – you, at another point of time
ulagu – the earth
idandhAy – (as the great varAha) dug out the earth (from the walls of the universe)
nI anRu – you, at another point of time
kAr Odham mun kadaindhu – churned the dark ocean initially
mA kadalai – a huge ocean (like that)
pin – later (during rAmAvathAram)
adaiththAy – built a bridge and blocked
enbar – so say (the great sages)
Al – these are also some of the amazing activities


nI anRu ulagu aLandhAy – sages say that you made yourself as a mendicant, approached mahAbali, who becomes joyous on donating anything, got the worlds as alms from him and measured them with your divine feet. Since AzhwAr spoke in the previous pAsuram about krishNAvathAram in which he moved with everyone without bothering about whether they were high or low in status, mentions in this pAsuram about thrivikrama, who touched the heads of everyone with his divine feet [without any distinction].

nINda thirumAlE – Oh the consort of SrI mahAlakshmi, and who is beyond any measurement.

nInda thirumAlE – you measured the earth which you got as alms and which appeared as if it was something which you could never have got otherwise. You, who are immeasurable, made yourself to be measured by others through this act! In other words, you, the consort of mahAlakshmi, who is the owner of all wealth, made yourself into a mendicant and a bachelor!

nI anRu ulagu idandhAy enbarAl – sages say that since there was none from whom you can ask for alms when the world was being submerged during praLayam (deluge), you took the form of a boar which roams around in water and marshy lands, to release the earth which had got stuck to the walls of the universe and to dig out.

nI anRu kArOdham mun kadaindhu pin adaiththAy – mention is made of his activities for pirAtti (SrI mahAlakshmi). AzhwAr reminisces about the activities which he carried out for others and for mahAlakshmi without any difference. When indhra (head of celestial entities) and others surrendered to you after losing all their possessions due to the curse of sage dhurvAsa, you churned the great, black coloured ocean, first to get SrI mahAlakshmi and then blocked it (by building a bridge over it during rAmAvathAram).

pin adaiththAy mA kadalai – you blocked the ocean, which you churned [initially] for the sake of pirAtti, again for the sake of pirAtti.

pEr Odha mEnip pirAn – the one who has the complexion of ocean, churned the ocean. During the time of churning as well as during the time of blocking, it appeared as if one ocean was shaking another.

pErOdha mEni – the ocean would appear like a pond when viewed against emperumAn.

pirAn – benefactor. emperumAn appeared to AzhwAr as nectar, without having to churn the ocean to obtain nectar. emperumAn gave the nectar which he obtained by churning the ocean, to dhEvas (celestial entities) while he offered himself, who is ArAvamudhan (insatiable nectar) to AzhwAr. mA kadal refers to huge ocean. One can construe the meaning for this term as “benefactor who has a form matching huge flood”

pErOdha mEnippirAn nI anRu ulagaLandhAy – Should one measure the world which are composed of forests and craters, with a beautiful form matching ocean!

We shall take up the 31st pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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