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SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavara munayE nama:

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avathArikai (Introduction)

The followers of emperumAn are recalling his amazing activities during his various incarnations such as varAha, thrivikrama, SrI rAma, krishNa et al through their songs and conversation. While doing so, the tears of joy which swell in their eyes, come down as a flood. Added to the divine dust from their feet, this leads to muddied mass in the divine courtyard of SrI rangam temple. In this pAsuram, AzhwAr desires to apply this mud, which has been stepped upon by the divine feet of followers, on his forehead.

ERadarththadhum EnamAy nilam kINdadhum mun irAmanAy
mARadarththadhum maNNaLandhadhum sollippAdi vaN ponnippEr
Aru pOl varum kaNNanIr koNdu arangan kOyil thirumuRRam
sERu sey thoNdar sEvadhichchezhum sERu en sennikku aNivanE

Word-by-word Meanings

ERu adarththadhium – (for the sake of nappinnaip pirAtti) killing seven bulls
EnamAy nilam kINdadhum – (for the sake of bhUmippirAtti) as a huge, wild boar, digging the earth out with his tusks and releasing her
mun irAmanAy – incarnating as the son of dhaSaratha chakravarthi, when rAvaNa separated pirAtti (sIthA) from him
mARu adarththadhum – killing rAvaNa, the enemy
maN aLandhadhum – (for the sake of indhra (the lord of celestial entities), when mahAbali seized his territories) measuring earth with three steps, as thrivikrama; all these amazing activities
sollippAdi – recounting to their hearts’ content, and singing these, as an outlet for their overflowing joy
vaN pEr ponni Aru pOl varum – like river kAvEri who flows with a huge flood
kaNNa nIr koNdu – with tears from their eyes
arangan kOyil thirumuRRam – in the divine courtyard of SrI rangam temple
sERu sey thoNdar – those who make as a muddied mass, such SrI vaishNavas’
sE adi sezhu sERu – the beautiful mud which has been stomped upon by their divine feet
en sennikkku aNivan – I will apply on my forehead

Simple Translation

The followers of emperumAn, while being in the divine courtyard inside SrI rangam temple, recount the activities of emperumAn during his several incarnations, such as (1) killing seven bulls (for marrying nappinnaip pirAtti, during his krishNAvathAram), (2) digging out bhUmippirAtti from the walls of universe with his tusks, and releasing her (during his varAhAvathAram), (3) killing rAvaNa, after being born as the son of daSaratha chakravarthi (during his rAmAvathAram), (4) measuring all the worlds with his three steps (during his thrivikramAvathAram). As they recount these activities, they shed tears of joy from their eyes. These tears soon swell into a huge flood. Combined with the dust from their divine feet, this becomes a muddy mass. kulaSEkhara AzhwAr desires to apply this mud on his forehead.

vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

ERadarththadhum – In order to win over the hand of nappinnaip pirAtti, seven bulls were kept as a wager to show one’s strength. [Incarnating as krishNa] emperumAn killed these bulls.

EnamAy nilam kINdadhum – when deluge had submerged bhUmippirAtti fully, making it impossible for emperumAn to converse with her, he incarnated as a huge wild boar, dug her out from the walls of the universe with his tusks, and released her.

mun irAmanAy mARadarththadhum – incarnating earlier as SrI rAma, he killed his enemy rAvaNa when the demon separated sIthAppirAtti from him.

maNNaLandhadhum – just as emperumAn removed hurdles to unite with his consorts in these three incarnations, for the sake of his follower indhra, he measured and got released the earth which was seized by mahAbali, with his three steps in thrivikrama avathAram.

sollippAdi – recounting these amazing activities during the four incarnations, and as an outlet for their joy, singing

van ponnip pErARu pOl varum kaNNa nIr koNdu – just as thirumangai AzhwAr says in periya thirumozhi 5-4-1 “sandhinOdu maNiyum kozhikkum punal kAviri” (river kAvEri enriches herself with sandalwood and gemstones as she comes down from mountains), similar to the huge river kAvEri coming down from the sahyAdhri mountain, with the uncontrollable tears of joy which form a flood

arangan kOyil thirumuRRam sERu sey thoNdar – while the divine courtyard of SrI rangam temple has been cleaned up to be appropriate for emperumAn to come mercifully in procession, his followers make that place muddied with their tears.

sEvadich chERu en sennikku aNivanE – people (the king’s servants) have decorated king kulaSEkharar’s head with fragrant materials. In order to get rid of the blemish in such inauspicious materials since they do not have any connection with bhAgavathas (SrI vaishNavas, emperumAn’s followers), kulaSEkhara AzhwAr says that he will apply the auspicious mud, which has connection with the divine feet of SrI vaishNavas, on his forehead.

We will take up the 4th pAsuram, next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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