thiruviruththam – 87 – pulambum kanai kural

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avathArikai (Introduction)

The nAyaki’s mother tells sarvESvaran “During this time when she is separated from you, harmful entities are tormenting her. You have made her to call out to you which is being seen by the people of the world!”

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

pulambum kanai kural pOzhvAya anRilum pUngazhipAyndhu
alambum kana kural sUzh thirai Azhiyum Angu avai nin
valam puLLadhu nalam pAdum idhu kuRRamAga vaiyam
silambumbadi seyvadhE thirumAL iththiruvinaiyE

Word-by-Word Meanings

thirumAl – Oh the consort of SrI mahAlakshmi!
nin – as your vehicle
valam – having strength
puLLadhu – periya thiruvadi’s (garudan’s)
nalam – auspicious qualities
pAdum idhu – this singing
kuRRamAga – as a wrongful act (using this as a reason)
iththiruvinai – this lakshmi
kanai kural – with an illegible sound
pulambum – crying
pOzh – splitting (affecting girls in separation)
vAy – having mouth
anRil – nightingale bird
pU – being beautiful
kazhi – in the salt pan
pAyndhu – flowing copiously
alambum – splashing
kanam – heavy
kural – having sound
sUzh – expansive
thirai – having waves
Azhiyum – ocean too
Angu avai – with such harmful entities
(tormenting this girl)
vaiyam – the world
silambumbadi – to cry out
seyvadhE – you are making!

Simple Translation

Oh the lord of SrI mahAlakshmi! The nightingale bird is crying out with a loud voice, splitting the hearts. The ocean, with its waves, is splashing around, to flow copiously into the salt pans. This lakshmi (my daughter) is singing on the strong garuda, your vehicle, about his auspicious qualities. Looking at this, the world is abusing her. You are making all these to happen!


pulambum kanai kural – the nightingale bird is speaking about various matters, with a heavy voice, splitting the hearts of those who have separated from you.

pUngazhi . . . – expansive ocean which is flowing copiously into the salt pans, splashing its waves, making uproarious sound

Angavai – for those who are in separation, there are many harmful entities which torment, such as the bell tied to the neck of bull, rising moon, gentle breeze etc. Alternatively, it is the entities which have already been mentioned here – the call of nightingale and the sound from ocean. All these are tormenting her.

What is her fault for these entities to harm her?

nin valam puL . . . – she sang about garuda, who has a great strength, matching yours, about his qualities to carry you on his shoulders. SrI vishNu purANam 5-30-1 says “garudOvAruNam chathram thadhaiva maNiparvatham | sapAryancha hrishIkESam leelayaiva vahan yayau ||” – after the death of narakAsuran, krishNa left the town of prAgyOthish carrying several things. At that time garuda carried krishNa and maNiparvatham, varuNa’s eminent umbrella on his back as if it was a sport for him.  The nAyaki sang about such gardua. Just as it has been mentioned in sthOthra rathnam 41 “thvadhangri sammardhakiNAnga SObhinA”, having carried out kainkaryam to sarvESvaran and carrying out the scars of footprint on his shoulders, she too wanted to wear the scars of their union. Hence she sang a few words about garuda. Making this out as a fault . . .

vaiyam silambumbadi seyvadhE – without any distinction between elders and youngsters, just because they lived in the same place as the nAyaki, they pointed fingers at her and blamed her. How could they do this?

thirumAL – are you doing all these because she is not your consort?

iththiruvinaiyE – is she in any way inferior to those who desired you? Is she capable of remaining as patient as sIthAppirAtti who was crowded around by the demonic women sent by rAvaNa? Will you allow the people of the town when they blame her condition of being tormented by ocean etc?  Will it not be your fault if your consort is distressed?

svApadhESam (distinguished meaning): Those who are near AzhwAr are asking sarvESvaran “Will it not be a deficiency for you if you delay coming to him when he is so distressed, being unable to overcome separation from you?”

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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