upadhEsa raththina mAlai – Simple Explanation – pAsurams 1 to 3

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upadhEsa raththinamAlai

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pAsuram 1

First pAsuram: In this pAsuram, mAmunigaL offers his salutation to his AchAryan (teacher) and clearly indicates his aim for mercifully composing this prabandham.

endhai thiruvAimozhippiLLai innaruLAl
vandha upadhEsa mArgaththaich chindhai seydhu
pinnavarum kaRka upadhEsamAyp pEsuginREn
manniya sIr veNbAvil vaiththu

I received the order of instructions from my swAmy [here, it refers to his AchArya] and the father-figure who gave me knowledge, thiruvAimozhip piLLai, through his great mercy. After analysing it, I am composing it in the great [thamizh] poetic form of veNbA such that those who come after me can learn it well and obtain clarity.

pAsuram 2

Second pAsuram. Assuming that his divine mind is asking him a query “Will those who do not like this, not deride this?” mAmunigal tells his divine mind that there is no deficiency for him because of such comment.

kaRROrgaL thAm ugappar kalvi thannil Asai uLLOr
peRROm ena ugandhu pinbu kaRpar – maRROrgaL
mAchchariyaththAl igazhil vandhadhu en nenjE igazhgai
AchchariyamO thAn avarkku

Those who are well versed in our good philosophy will be happy that this is very precise and beautiful. Those who like to learn good values from elders will learn this with appreciation. Those who do not belong to these two groups will deride it, out of jealousy. It is their natural quality. There is nothing surprising in it. We do not have to feel sad because of that.

pAsuram  3

Third pAsuram. After comforting his mind, deciding to mercifully compose the pAsurams, he starts with mangaLASAsanam (wishing well) so that inauspicious features will disappear.

AzhwArgaL vAzhi aruLichcheyal vAzhi
thAzhvAdhumil kuravar thAm vAzhi – EzhpArum
uyya avargaL uraiththavaigaL thAm vAzhi
seyya maRai thannudanE sErndhu

Let the AzhwArs live long. Let the dhivyaprabandhams (divine compositions) which they composed mercifully, live long. Let the good words which uplift the entire world and which were spoken of by our preceptors, who came in the path of AzhwArs, live long. Let the vEdhas, which are the basis for all these people, and which are great in themselves, live long.

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