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AzhwAr, who had been alternating between satisfaction and dissatisfaction in enjoying emperumAn, looked at the world at large. Looking at the clouds which were roaming in the sky, AzhwAr involves himself with emperumAn’s matter and wonders “By carrying out which penance did these clouds get the divine complexion of emperumAn?”

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

thangA muraRRiyavAyth thAzh visumbin mIdhu pAyndhu
engE pugundhu eththavam seydhittana kol pongOdhath
thaNNambAl vElai vAyk kaN vaLarum ennudaiya
kaNNan pAl nanniRam koL kAr

Word by Word Meanings

pongu Odham – having agitating waves

thaN ambAl vElai vAy – in the cool, beautiful thiruppARkadal (milky ocean)

kaN vaLarum – one who is reclining

ennudaiya – one who is my lord

kaNNan pAl – towards kaNNa (krishNa)

nal niRam koL – having beautiful complexion

kAr – clouds

thangA muyaRRiyavAy – having continuous efforts (to get that complexion)

thAzh visumbin mIdhu – in the expansive sky

pAyndhu – roaming

engE pukku – going to which place

eththavam seydhittana kol – what type of penance did they carry out?


thangA muyaRRIyavAyth thAzh visumbin mIdhu pAyndhu engE pukku eththavam seydhittana kol – without giving up the efforts which they had taken up, roaming all over the skies, which sacred place did the clouds enter and what type of penance did they carry out?

AzhwAr shows the reason for having a doubt like this, in the latter half of the pAsuram . . . . .

pongu Odham thaN ambAl vElai vAyk kaN vaLarum ennudaiya kaNNan pAl nanniRam koL kAr – where did these clouds, which have the dark bluish complexion of my lord kaNNan, who is reclining on the cool, beautiful thiruppARkadal which has agitating waves, enter and what type of penance did they perform [in order to get that complexion]?

engE pukku eththavam – It is pertinent to recall that the same meaning has been conveyed in the 32nd pAsuram of thiruviruththam [composed by nammAzhwAr] “mEgangaLO uraiyIr thirumAl thirumEni okkum yOgangaL ungaLukku evvARu peRRIr” (Oh clouds, please explain! How did you get the complexion of thirumAl’s [consort of SrI mahAlakshmi] divine form?) and his response in the same pAsuram “uyiraLippAn mAgangaLellAm thirindhu nannIrgaL sumandhu nundham AgangaL nOva varuththum thavamAm aruL peRRadhE ” (is this the result of your action of going all over the world, carrying water notwithstanding the pain in your physical forms, and showering rains, thus protecting all lives, without expecting anything in return?)

We will take up the 86th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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