periya thiruvandhAdhi – 64 – paranAm avan

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Since AzhwAr touched upon the incarnations of emperumAn in the previous pAsurams, he says in this pAsuram that celestial entities such as indhra et al should have saluted emperumAn when he incarnated as SrI rAma and krishNa, by continuously meditating on him. This would have removed their deficiency that they could not go to paramapadham [to see emperumAn].

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

paranAm avan Adhal pAvipparAgil
uranAl oru mUnRu pOdhum maram EzhanRu
eydhAnaip puLLinvAy kINdAnaiyE amarar
kaidhAn thozhAvE kalandhu

Word by Word Meanings

anRu – at an earlier point of time

Ezh maram eydhAnai – one who shot a single arrow at and felled seven trees

puLLin vAy kINdAnai – one who tore the mouth of a demon who came in the form of a stork

avan – that emperumAn

paran Adhal – is the supreme entity

amarargaL – celestial entities

oru mUnRu pOdhum – at all times (past, present and future)

uranAl pAvipparAgil – if they think, with their minds

kaidhAn – (their) hands

kalandhu thozhAvE – will they not join together and worship him?


oru mUnRu pOdhum uranAl avan paranAdhal pAvipparAgil maram Ezhu anRu eydhAnaip puLLin vAy kINdAnaiyE amarar kaidhAn kalandhu thozhAvE – at an earlier point of time emperumAn had incarnated for the sake of celestial entities,  as SrI rAma and carried out amazing activities such as shot down seven trees with a single arrow etc, and as krishNa and carried out amazing activities such as tearing the mouth of a demon, bakAsura, who came in the form of a stork etc. If these celestial entities such as brahmA, rudhra, indhra et al think of these activities through their minds, at all times, will their hands not worshsip emperumAn? AzhwAr feels sad that these celestial entities, due to their pride, think of emperumAn as one among themselves and are going the wrong way.

We will take up the 65th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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