periya thiruvandhAdhi – 53 – onRuNdu sengaNmAl

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In the previous pAsuram, AzhwAr told emperumAn “All my sensory perceptions are able to enjoy you now”.  emperumAn tells him back “It is not just that I have created an involvement in you [towards me], here itself. I have also decided to take you to SrIvaikuNtam and enable you to enjoy great services there” to which AzhwAr responds “That is not greater than the pleasure that I have here of thinking about you. Thus, you have done everything in this samsAram itself”.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

onRuNdu sengaNmAl yAnuraippa(dhu) unnadiyArkku
enseyvan enRE iruththi nI nin pugazhil
vaigum tham sindhaiyilum maRRinidhO nIyavarkku
vaigundham enRaruLum vAn

Word by Word Meanings

sem kaN mAl – Oh one who has reddish eyes and who is biased towards your followers!

yAn uraippadhu – what I have to tell (you)

onRu uNdu – there is a word

nI – you

un adiyArkku – for those who have love towards you

en seyvan enRE iruththi – you are constantly thinking as to what benefit you could do

maRRu avarkku – for them

nin pugazhil vaigum – being engaged with your auspicious qualities

tham sindhaiyilum – more than their mind [thought]

vaigundham enRu nI aruLum vAn – the (huge) paramapadham which you bestow on them

inidhO – is it sweeter?


onRuNdu sengaNmAl yAn uraippadhu – Oh one who has reddish eyes because you are not satisfied with whatever you do for your followers! There is something which I have to tell you. emperumAn tells him “I am supposed to be omniscient. Do you have to tell me anything?” to which AzhwAr responds “You are totally perplexed due to your bias towards your followers and you do not know this. Hence I have to tell you this”.

AzhwAr explains through the rest of the pAsuram as to what it is . . . . .

sengaNmAl un adiyArkku en seyvan enRE iruththi nI – Oh who has reddish eyes due to your motherly forbearance towards your followers! You are thinking constantly “What should I do for them?” due to your bewilderment, when your followers do not need anything from you. Just as it is mentioned in mahAbhAratham uththara parvam 47-22 “gOvindhEthi yathAkranthath krishNAmAm dhUravAsinam I ruNam pravruththamiva mE hrudhayAn nApasarpathE II” (the outcry which dharupadhi made from far away calling me “gOvindha! gOvindha!” does not leave my heart, just as credit keeps increasing (due to interest)), even after the pANdavas got back their kingdom, dhraupadhi had platted her hair [as a result of the vow when she was insulted], you felt indebted to dhraupadhi since she called out to you by reciting your gOvindha nAmam even though her husbands were very much nearby to protect her! You are constantly thinking “What further could I do” towards such people who are devoted towards you.

AzhwAr proves that this is due to the perplexity in his mind . . . .

nin pugazhil vaigum tham sindhaiyilum maRRinidhO nI avarkku vaigundham enRu aruLum vAn – Is the paramapadham which you grant your followers sweeter than their minds which are constantly involved with your auspicious qualities? The implication here is whether what they will get in future (paramapadham) will be a match for what they have now on their hands [engaging with your auspicious qualities].

We will take up the 54th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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