periya thiruvandhAdhi – 38 – amaikkum pozhudhuNdE

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In the previous pAsuram, when AzhwAr asked his heart to praise emperumAn, it stepped back thinking of its lowliness. AzhwAr tells it “What you are doing is wrong. You must spend your time, only speaking about him”.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

amaikkum pozhudhuNdE ArAyil nenjE
imaikkum pozhudhum idaichchi kumaiththiRangaL
EsiyE Ayinum InthuzhAy mAyanaiyE
pEsiyE pOkkAy pizhai

Word by Word Meanings

nenjE – Oh heart!
ArAyil – if we analyse
Iamikkum pozhudhum – even during the time of winking
amaikkum pozhudhuNdE – do we have the time to keep quiet?
Idaichchi – the cowherd lady, yaSOdhA
kumai thiRangaL – the ways in which she punished (krishNa)
EsiyE Ayinum – even if you speak abusively
In thuzhAy mAyanaiyE – the amazing entity having thuLasi garland
pEsiyE pOkkAy – you are not passing your time by meditating on him
pizhai – (what you are doing is) incorrect.


imaikkum pozhudhum amaikkum pozhudhuNdE ArAyil nenjE – instead of looking superficially, if you were to analyse deeply, is there any place for not praising emperumAn even for a moment?

When his heart tells him that only those who go to paramapadham and see him could enjoy him continuously, AzhwAr responds . . .

idaichchi kumaiththiRangaL EsiyE Ayinum In thuzhAy mAyanaiyE pEsiyE pOkkAy – there is no need to go to paramapadham. When emperumAn incarnated as krishNa, as one among chEthanas, his mother yaSOdhA, in her right that he is “my son”, had tied him to a mortar and had beaten him. By speaking about such activities, you could spend your time speaking about the amazing entity emperumAn who wears sweet thuLasi garland. But you are not doing that way.

pizhai – this is incorrect. Alternatively we can construe the meaning for this as – by speaking about the amazing entity with sweet thuLasi garland, you can get rid of the wrongs, viz., sins. If we speak without love about the actions which yaSOdhA carried out towards him with affection, will not become an abuse for him?

EsiyE Ayinum pEsiyE pOkkAy pizhai – even if it ends up as an abuse, not speaking about him is not correct.

We will take up the 39th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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