periya thiruvandhAdhi – 26 – yAnum ennenjum

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In the previous pAsuram, AzhwAr said “van thunbaththai mARRinEn”, implying that he had done something on his own [to remove his sorrow]. In this pAsuram, he says “When emperumAn came to get hold of me, by falling head over heal, all that I did was not to reject him”.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

yAnum ennenjum isaindhozhindhOm valvinaiyaik
kAnum malaiyum pugak kadivAn thAnOr
iruLanna mAmEni emmiRaiyAr thandha
aruLennum thaNdAl adiththu

Word by Word Meanings

Or iruL thAn anna – it is as if darkness took a form
mAmEni – having a great divine form
em iRaiyAr – emperumAn
thandha – gave
aruL ennum thaNdAl – the stick of (that emperumAn’s) mercy
adiththu – beating
val vinaiyai – (our) cruel sins
kAnum malaiyum puga – to enter forest sand mountains
kadivAn – to drive away
yAnum en nenjum – my mind and I
isaindhu ozhindhOm – have agreed


yAnum en nunjum isaindhu ozhindhOm – We had to suffer all along only because my mind and I were not willing when emperumAn tried to enter my mind in order to take hold of us. Since we have agreed now [to have emperumAn], that shortcoming has disappeared. My mind and I, who were not harmonious to each other from time immemorial, have now become friendly to each other. When such is the case, do we need to talk about emperumAn who had been making efforts to bring us together, to take hold of us now?

When asked as to attain which benefit that they had agreed, AzhwAr says . . . .

valvainaiyaik kAnum malaiyum pugakkadivAn – AzhwAr says that he and his mind agreed to become harmonious in order to get the benefit of driving away their sins into the forests and mountains. We can consider that AzhwAr is referring to his being unsuitable to be with emperumAn and deciding to move away from him as his cruel sin.

When asked whether he had anything in his hand to achieve this, AzhwAr says . . .

thAnOr iruL anna mAmEni em iRaiyAr thandha aruL ennum thaNdAl adiththu – I did not have any implement in my hand [to drive away my sins]. There was no other means too, to get this benefit. He says that he drove away the cruel sins with the help of the grace which came in the form of stick from emperumAn, who has as his divine physical form, the epitome of darkness itself. The opinion implied here is that other than emperumAn’s mercy there is no means [for us].

Let us move on to the 27th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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