periya thiruvandhAdhi – 8 – arugum suvadum

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AzhwAr asks emperumAn in this pAsuram, the reason for being close enough as seen through heart while at the same time being far enough that he could not be hugged when he tried to see him with his eyes.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

arugum suvadum therivuNarOm anbE
perugum migu idhu en pEsIr parugalAm
paNbudaiyIr pAraLandhIr pAviyEn kaN kANbariya
nuNbudaiyIr nummai numakku

Word by Word Meanings

parugaLAm paNbu uadiyIr – Oh emperumAn who has qualities which could be drunk (like a liquid)!
pAr aLandhIr – Oh one who measured the worlds!
pAviyEn – we, who have lot of cruel sins
kaN kANbu ariya – not being able to see through eyes
nuNbu udaiyIr – Oh one who has subtle form of quality !
nummai – you
arugum suvadum – approaching and the means (for approaching)
therivu uNarOm – we do not analyse and do not know
numakku – in your matter
anbu – affection (from us)
miga perugum – will grow hugely
idhu en – what is the reason for this
pEsIr – please tell (yourself)


arugum suvadum therivuNarOm  – The opinion here is that “we are not able to come near you. We are not able to enjoy well your sweetness too. We do not have the fortune of being near you for twelve years in ayOdhyA, like sIthAppirAtti and know the means of enjoying your sweetness”. Alternatively, suvadu could be taken to refer to “the means” and hence the meaning would change to – we do not know getting near you and the means for achieving it.

anbE perugum miga idhu en pEsIr – however, affection in your matter kept growing in me. Please tell me the reason for this.

parugalAm paNbudaiyIr – Just as it is mentioned in thiruvAimozhi 2-3-1thEnum pAlum neyyum kannalum amudhumoththE ” (being equivalent to mixing honey, milk,  ghee , candy and nectar) since the resultant mix of liquid substances which are sweet by themselves, is very sweet, AzhwAr says that emperumAn’s qualities can be consumed like a sweet juice. AzhwAr tells emperumAn “When looking at your sweetness, you appeared to be like a fluid which could be consumed by the mouth”. paNbu refers to emperumAn’s quality being simple to be tasted.

pAraLandhIr – by measuring the earth, you made everyone experience the quality mentioned above. By referring to these two calls (paNbudaiyIr and pAraLandhIr) AzhwAr states the reason for affection growing in him so that his mind could experience emperumAn.

pAviyEm kaN kANbriya nuNbudaiyIr – you have such a subtle form that you cannot be seen with eyes by us, who have accumulated lot of sins. Since only his heart was able to see emperumAn’s form, AzhwAr says kaN kANbariya nuNbudaiyIr (emperumAn is so subtle that he cannot be seen by the eyes). Through this call, AzhwAr explains the reason for the first line arugum suvadum therivuNarOm.

nummai numakku – once nanjIyar (one of the preceptors in the lineage of our pUrvAchAryas) asked piLLai thirunaRaiyUr araiyar as to how the words nummai and numakku are connected. araiyar responded saying “nummai arugum suvadum therivuNarOm” (we do not now approaching you and the means for carrying out this) and “numakku anbE perugum miga; idhu en pEsIr” (lot of affection overflows for you; please explain how this happens).

We will take up the 9th pAsuram, next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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