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Just as emperumAn showers his grace on AzhwAr as requested (in the previous pAsuram), AzhwAr speaks about how he got ishta prApthi (granting of desirables) and anishta nivruththi (removal of undesirables), in this pAsuram.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

EnREn adimai izhindhEn piRappidumbai
AnREn amararkku amarAmai AnREn
kada nAdum maNNAdum kaivittu mElai
ida nAdu kANa ini

Word for Word Meanings

adimai – servitorship
EnREn – I took upon
piRappu idumbai – ahankAram (ego) and mamakAram (possessiveness) which result from birth
izhindhEn – I got rid of
amararkku – for dhEvas such as brahmA et al
amarAmai – not to approach anywhere near me
AnREn – I was filled up (with knowledge, devotion etc)
kadan nAdum – places such as svarga (heaven) etc
maN nAdum – and this earth
kai vittu – ridding of them
mElai – superior to everything else
idam – place (appropriate for followers)
nAdu – the divine paramapadham (SrIvaikuNtam)
kANa – to see and enjoy
ini – now
AnREn – I am filled up (with paramabhakthi (inability to live if separated from emperumAn))


EnREn adimai – I established myself firmly in carrying out servitude to emperumAn  without any break. Even though there was an inclination towards servitude even earlier, it was limited due to connection with prakruthi (samsAram), similar to the inclination of a patient towards medicine. Now the inclination towards servitude has become unbounded.

What is the reason for being inclined towards servitude now?

izhindhEn piRappidumbai – I was able to remove the hurdles of ahankAram and mamakAram (ego and possessiveness respectively)

izhindhEnAzhwAr says that ahankAram and mamakAram were like a huge mountain and he climbed down from that mountain.

AnREn amararkku amarAmai – I filled myself with knowledge and devotion to such an extent that instead of my going to other dhEvathAs (deities), now the other dhEvathAs would feel shy to approach me.

kadanAdum maNNAdum kaivittu mElai ida nAdu kANa ini – giving up svarga (which is the land for enjoying the results of virtuous deeds carried out in earlier birth) and earth, which is the place for carrying out sacred deeds, I filled myself with paramabhakthi (this is the ultimate state among three states of devotion in which the person will not be able to live even for a moment if separated from emperumAn) so that I could see the ancient and spacious paramapadham. kadan nAdu – svargam (heaven) wherein one has to necessarily enjoy the result of puNya (virtuous deeds) just as one has to necessarily repay the loan taken from someone. idanAdu – paramapadham as mentioned in SrI rangarAja sthavam 1-38 “sarvAthma sAdhAraNa nAthagOshI pUrE’pi dhushpUra mahAyakASam ” (even if all the groups of emperumAn’s followers, which are common to all AthmAs, get together, there will still be space in paramapadham).

We will next move on to the last pAsuram in this prabandham.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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