mUnRAm thiruvandhAdhi – 75 – sArndhu agadu thEyppa

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AzhwAr enjoys an event that takes place in thirumalai where kaNNapirAn (emperumAn) who has the characteristic of annihilating enemies, dwells.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

sarndhagadu thEyppath thadAviya kOttuchchi vAy
Urndhiyangum veNmadhiyin oNmuyalai sErndhu
sinavEngai pArkkum thirumalaiyE Ayan
punavEngai nARum poruppu

Word by Word Meanings

thadAviya – expansive
kOdu – peaks
uchchi vAy – on top
agadu thEyppa – rubbing the lower part of the stomach
sArndhu – approaching
Urndhu iyangum – moving slowly
veN madhiyin – on the white coloured moon’s
oN muyalai – beautiful rabbit
sinam vEngai – an angry tiger
sErndhu – approaching
pArkkum – will keep looking at the rabbit (without catching it or leaving it)
thirumalaiyE – only thirumalai
Ayan – kaNNapirAn’s (krishNa’s)
punam vEngai nARum – with the sweet fragrance of vEngai trees (a type of tropical tree) which grow well on its land
veRpu – mountain


sArndhu agadu thEyppath thadAviya kOttuchchi vAy – approaching the top of the expansive peaks and rubbing its lower stomach

Urndhu iyangum veN madhiyin – moon which is slowly moving. Since it is rubbing against the peak, due to the sharpness gained, the light emitted by the moon is bright (this implies that the peaks of thiruvEngadam rise up to the moon)

Urndhu iyangum – the white coloured moon is looking for a resting place to rid of its tiredness and is moving slowly.

oN muyalai – the beautiful rabbit which is on moon (the craters on the moon appear like rabbit and hence it used to be said that there are rabbits on moon).

sErndhu sina vEngai pArkkum – an angry tiger, looking at the rabbit will approach the moon in order to eat the rabbit, and will keep looking at it constantly. Since rabbit is a natural prey for tiger, it will keep looking at it. Since it is not real rabbit and since it cannot approach it easily, the tiger cannot catch it. It cannot leave it either, since it has a great desire for the meat. Hence it will keep looking at it.

Ayan puna vEngai nARum poruppu – it is the place which kaNNapirAn, the cowherd, determines to be his and where the tropical vEngai trees will emit a sweet fragrance since they are growing on their lands.

Ayan – he becomes very happy if he sees forests and mountains. For the cowherds who live in forests, the sweet fragrance of trees in the forest will be very dear. Hence, will not the sweet fragrance emitted by the trees in thirumalai be liked by the one who has taken residence there!

We will take up the 76th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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