mUnRAm thiruvandhAdhi – 50 – sUzhndha thuzhAyalangal

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In the previous pAsuram, AzhwAr said that there is no limit to the tasks that he undertakes for the sake of his followers. Where did we see such a characteristic? He says he showed his anger, which he did not show on people such as bhIshma et al, on a worm in the water [reference here is to a crocodile] for the sake of an elephant and manifested his partiality towards his followers.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

sUzhndha thuzhAyalangal sOdhi maNi mudi mAl
thAzhndha aruvith thadavarai vAy Azhndha
maNi nIrchchunai vaLarndha mAmudhalai konRAn
aNi neelA vaNNaththavan

Word by Word Meanings

sUzhndha – decorating all over his divine form
thuzhAy alangal – garland of fragrant thuLasi
sOdhi – radiant
maNi mudi – crown with gems
aNi neela vaNNaththavan – one who has the complexion of beautiful blue colour
mAl – sarvESvaran (supreme entity)
thAzhndha aruvi thadavarai vAy – in the middle of a huge mountain which has many streams flowing towards earth
Azhndha maNi nIr sunai – in the reservoir which is deep and having clear water
vaLarndha – growing (without any fear)
mA mudhalai – a huge crocodile
konRAn – he killed


sUzhndha thuzhAy alangal sOdhi maNi mudi mAlemperumAn who has thuLasi garlands and crown which indicate that he is the lord of all the worlds

sUzhndha thuzhAy alangal – thuLasi garland which symbolises his primacy.

sOdhi maNi mudi – crown with resplendent gems

thAzhndha aruvith thadavarai vAy –  on the slopes of the mountain having many streams which flow towards the earth

Azhndha maNi nIrchchunai vaLarndha – growing in the waters of the reservoir having deep and clear water

mA mudhalai konRAnemperumAn killed a huge crocodile, not considering it just as a worm in the water. Did he not let go of the divine disc on the crocodile, which he had not done even when he was angry with people such as bhIshma et al! The affection that he has towards his followers is the reason for such an act.

aNi leela vaNNaththavan – he got the colour on his divine form only after killing his follower’s enemy. Since he became very happy that he had got rid of his follower’s enemy, he acquired the complexion of blue colour which removes the fatigue of those who see him.

aNi neela vaNNaththavan – by displaying such a complexion, he fulfilled the desire of gajEndhra (the elephant) who wanted to see him.

konRAn – by killing the enemy of his follower, he fulfilled his own longing. emperumAn, who has the complexion of an ornament, donning the thuLasi garland and resplendent crown, killed the huge crocodile.

We will take up the 51st pAsuram next.

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