mUnRAm thiruvandhAdhi – 49 – seRRadhuvum sErA

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AzhwAr asks whether these alone are the tasks that he had undertaken for his followers and replies that there are many others too.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

seRRadhuvum sErA iraNiyanai senrERRup
peRRadhuvum mAnilam pinnaikkAy muRRal
muriyERRin munninRu moymbozhiththAy mUrich
churiyERu sanginAy sUzhndhu

Word by Word Meanings

pinnaikkAy – for the sake of nappinnai (incarnation of emperumAn’s consort neeLA dhEvi)
muRRal – being strong
muri – running (here and there)
ERRin – the seven bulls’
mun ninRu – standing in front (without fear)
sUzhndhu – analysing (the way of killing them)
moymbu ozhiththAy – Oh one who annihilated their strength!
mUri – being large
suri ERu – being curved inside
sanginAy – Oh one who is holding the conch in the divine hand!
sErA iraNiyanai – hiraNya kashyap who could not live with you
seRRadhuvum (nI anRE) – was it not you who killed him!
senRu – going (to mahAbali)
mA nilam – the expansive earth
ERRu – taking as alms
peRRadhuvum (nI anRE) – was it not you who obtained that!


seRRadhuvum sErA iraNiyanai – the entity who emperumAn killed was hiraNya kashyap who was incongruent with him. Or, it can be construed that hiraNya could not fit with emperumAn’s followers. Or, we can construe it as emperumAn killing hiraNya kashyap, being unable to tolerate the way that hiraNya kashyap was following in destroying himself by engaging in cruel activities and accumulating sins.

senRu ERRup peRRadhuvum mAnilam – going to mahAbali, emperumAn sought as alms his own possession of the worlds and felt very joyous on obtaining it, as if he had got something that he could never have got otherwise.

pinnaikkAy muRRal muri ERRin munninRu moymbozhiththAy sUzhndhu – in order to marry nappinnai, you stood in front of the seven raging, strong bulls and destroyed their strength.

sUzhndhu – waiting, for an opportune moment. Or we can construe it as sUzhndhu azhiththAy which would indicate his strength in destroying them.

muri – raging bulls, moving here and there

mUrich churiyERu sanginAy – was it not emperumAn who had the expansive, curling conch in his divine hand who surrounded the bulls and killed them! He killed them with his own hands, in an appropriate way.

pinnaikkAy – since he was infatuated with the beauty of nappinnai, unmindful of the danger that was coming his way, he stood in front of the raging bulls.

We will move on to the 50th pAsuram next.


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