mUnRAm thiruvandhAdhi – 37 – avarkkadimai pattEn

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AzhwAr says that he, in a way, became a servitor at emperumAn’s divine feet. He says that even though he did not consider emperumAn as a desirable entity, emperumAn considers him as a desirable person. Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

avarkkadimai pattEn agaththAn puRaththAn
uvarkkum karungadal nIruLLAn thuvarkkum
pavaLavAyp pUmagaLum panmaNippUNAram
thigazhum thirumArvan thAn

Word by Word Meanings

avarkku – to that emperumAn [as described in the previous pAsurams]
adimai pattEn – I became a servitor
uvarkkum karungadal nIr uLLAn – he reclines on the dark ocean with salty water.
thuvarkkum pavaLa vAy pU magaLum – pirAtti (SrI mahAlakshmi) who has reddish coral-like mouth
pal maNi pUN – many ornaments with different types of gemstones
Aram – necklaces
thigazhum – being adorned with
thirumArvan thAn – emperumAn with such divine chest
agaththAn puRaththAn – is present both within and outside (of me)


avarkku adimai pattEn – I became a servitor to emperumAn. I told him in a superficial way, without feeling wholeheartedly, that I have become his servitor. I said only this much.

agaththAn puRaththAn – What did emperumAn do when I said this? The minute I became his servitor, emperumAn pervaded me, both from within and outside equally, just like the sage saubhari, and started enjoying me. He became powerless to move away from me.

uvarkkum karungadal nIr uLLAn – It is said that apart from thiruppARkadal (milky ocean) emperumAn reclines in the oceans which surround the earth. It is said that he reclines in all oceans which are great. When he churned thiruppARkadal, haven’t [knowledgeable] people mercifully stated that he had churned other oceans too, such as in thiruppAvai 30vangakkadal kadaindha”! We can also construe this to mean that he has taken thiruppARkadal as his dwelling place. (he is reclining in the dark, salty oceans surrounding the earth. Has it not been mentioned in periyAzhwAr thirumozhi 2-6-6 “neelak kadalil nedungAlam kaNvaLarndhAn” (he reclined in the bluish ocean for a very long time)).

thuvarkkum pavaLa vAy pU magaLum – periya pirAtti (SrI mahAlakshmi) who has lips which are like reddish coral. AzhwAr says that the reason for emperumAn pervading him is only to get the approval of periya pirAtti, who is happy due to this [act of entering me], through her smile.

panmaNip pUN Aram thigazhum thirumArvan thAn – emperumAn has divine chest which is decorated with ornaments made of the nine gemstones and necklaces. Alternatively, panmaNippUNAram could be considered as one word and the meaning would be that he has necklace made of different types of gems.

agaththAn puRaththAnemperumAn, who has a divine chest which is sweet and appropriate for periya pirAtti, remains within and outside of AzhwAr and is overjoyed that he has got something which he couldn’t ever get. Is it not such emperumAn who has such ornaments, greatness and the affection of pirAtti, who has come with desire, inside and outside of AzhwAr! AzhwAr is very joyous that emperumAn has such affection for him.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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