mUnRAm thiruvandhAdhi – 26 – siRandha en sindhaiyum

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AzhwAr mercifully states how, after he attained emperumAn, he desired AzhwAr’s divine mind more than his divine abodes. The reason for emperumAn taking residence in temples is only to enter the hearts of followers who accept him. Alternatively, we can say that AzhwAr is saying that the benefit that we obtained out of emperumAn eating yaSOdhAp pirAtti’s butter is the simplicity of emperumAn, more than his simplicity in eating butter, by taking residence in divine abodes. Had he not asked “Is there any harm in worshipping?”. After AzhwAr saying this, will emperumAn keep quiet? (he took residence in AzhwAr’s divine heart).

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

siRandha en sindhaiyum sengaN aravum
niRaindha sIr nIL kachchiyuLLum uRaindhadhuvum
vEngadamum vehkAvum vELukkaippAdiyumE
thAm kadavAr thaN thuzhAiyAr

Word by Word Meanings

thaN thuzhAyAr thAm – emperumAn who is adorning the cool, thuLasi garland
kadavAr – not leaving for even one day
uRaindhadhuvum – the places where he took permanent residence

(which are they?)
siRandha en sindhaiyum – my heart which is the greatest (amongst all)
sem kaN aravum – thiruvananthAzhwAn (AdhiSEshan) who has reddish eyes
niRaindha sIr – having abundant wealth
nIL – expansive
kachchiyuLLum – the divine town of kachchi (present day kAnchIpuram)
vEngadamum – the divine abode of thirumalai
vehkAvum – the divine abode of thiruvhkA
vELukkaip pAdiyumE – the divine abode of thiruvELukkai


siRandha en sindhaiyum sengaN aravum – both these are equal as far as emperumAn’s desire goes. In other words, AzhwAr says that emperumAn considers AzhwAr’s heart to be the exact match for thiruvananthAzhwAn (AdhiSEshan) who is his most desired mattress.

sengaN aravum – ananthAzhwAn’s eyes are reddish, like the eyes of those who take intoxicating materials such as honey, because of his connection with emperumAn.

uRaindhadhuvumemperumAn has taken residence in AzhwAr’s divine heart, considering it as his own,  just as he has taken residence atop thiruvananthAzhwAn who is his most desired mattress.

niRaindha sIr nIL kachchiyuLLum – in divine kachchi which is full of divine abodes of emperumAn and unlimited sweetness. emperumAn will reside continuously at thirukkachchi, thirumalai, thiruvehkA and thiruvELukkai, without ever letting go of them. By considering the verse sequence to be niRaindha sIr nIL kachchiyuLLum uRaindhadhuvum – vEngadamum vehkAvum vELukkaip pAdiyumE thAm kadavAr we can say that emperumAn cannot let go of each of the divine abodes of vEngadam, vehkA and vELukkai and he will reside continuously in these divine abodes and that he resides with lot of desire in the great divine mind of AzhwAr, thiruvananthAzhwAn and the town of thirukkachchi which has many divine abodes. Since the word uRaindhadhuvum (resides) has been used, we can consider it this way. Alternatively, by taking the sequence  siRandha en sindhaiyum sengaN aravum thAm kadavAr we can say that emperumAn will not go past AzhwAr’s great divine mind and thiruvananthAzhwAn. niRaindha sIr nIL kachchiyuLLum vEngadamum vehkAvum vELukkaippAdiyumE uRaindhadhuvum will give the meaning that emperumAn merely resided in these places.

Who does like this?

thanduzhAyAremperumAn who wears the divine thuLasi garland, taking a vow that he will protect the followers.

We will take up the 27th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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