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AzhwAr mercifully mentions about the way in between when emperumAn left thiruppARkadal and entered his divine mind. In the previous pAsuram AzhwAr had said manandhanaik kidakkum vandhu – he would take rest in my mind). He says now that the reason for doing like this is pirAtti’s connection with emperumAn (it is only because of pirAtti’s purushakAram (recommendatory role) that emperumAn entered my mind).

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

vandhu udhaiththa veNthiraigaL sembavaLa veNmuththam
andhi viLakkum aNiviLakkAm endhai
oruvallithth thAmaraiyAL onRiya sIr mArvan
thiruvallikkENiyAn senRu

Word by Word Meanings

oru alli thAmaraiyAL – periya pirAttiyAr (SrI mahAlakshmi) who has the incomparable lotus flower which has beautiful petals as her dwelling place
senRu onRiya sIr mArvan – one who has beautiful divine heart in which pirAtti fitted nicely
veNthiraigaL vandhu udhaiththa sem pavaLam oN muththam – red corals and white pearls which were brought out in an agitated way by the white complexioned waves
andhi viLakkum aNi viLakkAm – manifesting the evening time through auspicious lamps
thiruvallikkENiyAn – emperumAn who is dwelling in the divine abode of thiruvallikkENi
endhai – my lord


vandhudhaiththa veN thiraigaL – being pushed by the white coloured waves which keep kicking in

sembavaLa veNmuththam – reddish corals and cool pearls

andhi viLakkum aNi viLakkAm – having bright lamps during the period of dusk

endhai – my leader

oru allith thAmaraiyAL – periya pirAttiyAr (SrI mahAlakshmi) who is having unlimited sweetness. Just as it is mentioned in periya thirumadal “Or inniLa vanjikkodi” (incomparable, sweet, tender creeper), pirAtti, being like a creeper, cannot sustain herself unless she is with a supporting pole. Hence, she attained emperumAn who is like her supporting pole. Just as emperumAn is the uththaman (best) among men, pirAtti is the uththamai (best) among women.

thAmaraiyAL onRiya sIr mArvan – emperumAn became superior to everyone else only because pirAtti liked him. SrI vishNu purANam says “paSyathAm sarvadhEvAnAm yayau vakshasthalam hare: “ (even as all the celestial entities were watching, thirumagaL (SrI mahAlakshmi) stepped on to the divine chest of emperumAn). Here, the usage paSyathAm dhEvAnAm refers to 6th case in samskrutha grammar. Just as it is said of 6th case “anAdharE shashti” (6th case is used in places where there is a sense of indifference), pirAtti climbed on to the divine chest of emperumAn even as celestial entities were watching, not bothering about them. She climbed on to the divine chest of emperumAn just as a mother climbs on to the mattress of her husband even as the children are seeing. SrI vishNu purANam 1-9-106 says “dhayA’valOkithA dhEvA:….parAm nirvruthimAgathA:.” (the celestial entities who were graced by her attained supreme bliss). After she climbed on to emperumAn’s divine chest, realising what emperumAn thought of in his divine mind “look at their troubles”, pirAtti graced the celestial entities. Why did she not grace them in the first place? This is because she had to first realise her svarUpam (basic nature) and only then could she grace others. She could grace others only after knowing the divine mind of emperumAn! Just as it is mentioned in SrI rAmAyaNam yudhdha kANdam 131-80 “pradhEhi subhakE hAram yasya thushtAsi bhAminI” (Oh auspicious person! Give this necklace to whoever you feel happy with) sIthA gave the necklace to hanuman after knowing SrI rAma’s thoughts and words! Since pirAtti had got separated from SrI rAma, first she had to get his grace and only after that could hanuman get her grace. vibhIshaNa got her grace first before getting SrI rAma’s grace. SrI guhapperumAL (boatman guha) got both emperumAn’s and pirAtti’s grace at the same time. Just as it is mentioned in thiruvAimozhi 9-2-1 “nin thiruvaruLum pangayaththAL thiruvaruLum koNdu” (having both your and pirAtti’s divine grace).

thiruvallikkENiyAn endhai – my lord who has taken residence in thiruvallikkENi.

endhai – he considered being my lord as his fortune, a fortune which he could not have got easily!

We will take up the 17th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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