mUnRAm thiruvandhAdhi – 13 – padivattath thAmarai

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama:  SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

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In the previous two pAsurams, it was mentioned that it is very difficult to know emperumAn. In this pAsuram, AzhwAr says that one can see emperumAn only if he decides to show himself to his followers. Another interpretation – AzhwAr mercifully mentions about how he is enjoying the activities of emperumAn who is a very difficult entity to know.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

padivattath thAmarai paNdulagam nIr ERRu
adivattaththAl aLappa nINda mudivattam
AgayamUdaRuththu aNdam pOy nINdadhE
mAgAyamAy ninRa mARku

Word by Word Meanings

paNdu – in an earlier time
ulagam nIrERRu – obtaining earth as gift (from mahAbali)
thAmarai padi vattam – earth which is like a blossomed lotus, round in shape
adi vattaththAl aLappa – to measure with the divine feet which are like involuted lotus
mA kAyamAy ninRa mARku – for emperumAn who stood with a huge form (as thrivikrama)
nINda mudivattam – the long crown
AgAyam UdaRuththu – piercing the sky (and the outer worlds)
aNdam pOy nINdadhE – did they not grow until the walls of the universe! How amazing is this!


padi vattath thAmarai – earth looks like the circular shaped, blossomed lotus. SrI vishNu purANam 2-12-37 says “padhmAkAra samudhbhUthA” (earth which came in the form of a lotus). AzhwAr mercifully describes his experience of seeing the divine activity of emperumAn

padi vattath thAmarai – the greatness which resulted from emperumAn keeping his divine feet.

paNdu ulagam nIr ERRu – once upon a time, obtaining the world which was in the form of circular lotus.

adi vattaththAl aLappa – when emperumAn measured the worlds  with his divine feet which were like circular lotus

nINda mudivattam – the crown which had grown long. mudivattam refers to the radiance of his divine crown.

AgAyam UdaRuththu – piercing the sky

aNdam pOy nINdadhE – it grew until it reached the walls of the universe. For whom did this grow?

mA kAyamAy ninRa mARku – for emperumAn who had a great [huge] divine form, with a longing to manifest his affection for the world. His longing to grow was not limited to this. He wanted to grow even huger. But since there wasn’t enough space to grow, it appeared that he had to restrict himself to this form.

We shall take up the 14th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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