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Having mentioned about the way he measured the worlds, AzhwAr loses himself to emperumAn’s beauty and enjoys that beauty. AzhwAr says, “Since emperumAn has become medicine, aiSvaryam and nectar, let me enjoy his beauty” While describing emperumAn’s beauty, recourse is taken to compare with worldly materials more out of bewilderment than any other reason. AzhwAr says that once one thinks of emperumAn’s beauty, it is impossible not to speak; it is also impossibleto speak.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

adivaNNam thAmarai anRulagam thAyOn
padivanNNam pArkkadal nIr vaNNam mudivaNNam
OrAzhiveyyOn oLiyum ahdhanRE
ArAzhi koNdARkazhagu

Word by Word Meanings

anRu ulagam thAyOn – on that day (when mahAbali poured water on vAmana’s palm), when emperumAn measured all the worlds, his
adi vaNNam – the colour of his divine feet
thAmarai – is reddish like the lotus
padi vaNNam – the colour of his divine form
par kadal nIR vaNNam – is dark like the ocean, surrounding earth
mudi vaNNam – the colour of his crown
Or Azhi veyyon – the colour of sun who travels on a chariot with one wheel and who has harsh rays
oLiyum – radiance (of that emperumAn)
ahdhanRE – is also like that sun
Ar Azhi koNdARku azhagu – the beauty of such emperumAn holding the beautiful divine disc, is like this.


adi vaNNam thAmarai – simile for the divine feet is lotus.

anRu ulagam thAyOn padi vaNNam pAr kadal nIr vaNNam – the colour of divine form of emperumAn who measured the worlds, is that of the ocean which surrounds the world. If his complexion were white, one could say that it is like that of pARkadal (the milky ocean). But since his complexion is dark, it is mentioned as pAr kadal nIr vaNNam.

mudi vaNNam OrAzhi veyyOn – the colour of emperumAn’s crown is similar to sun.

OrAzhi veyyOn – this could be construed either as sun who has chariot with single wheel or as sun’s galaxy.

oLiyum ahdhanREemperumAn’s radiance is also like that of sun.

Ar Azhi koNdARku – emperumAn who has such a beauty that if he holds the divine disc in his hand, he doesn’t need any other ornament to be adorned with. Beauty for one who is holding the beautiful disc in his hand. In the same way, we can construe the meanings for adivaNNam thAmarai etc.

We shall take up the 6th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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