iraNdAm thiruvandhAdhi – 62 – pERonRum munnaRiyEn

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AzhwAr says that meditating on emperumAn who is devoted to his followers and being firm that emperumAn will remove all his hurdles and grant him what he needs, he attained emperumAn. He says that just as he removed the bulls which were a hurdle in his attaining nappinnaip pirAtti, and made her his own, he would remove the hurdles for him too.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

pERonRum munnaRiyEn peRRaRiyEn pEdhaimaiyAl
mARenRu solli vaNanginEn ERin
peruththeruththam kOdu osiyap peNNasaiyin pin pOy
eruththiRuththa nal Ayar ERu

Word by Word Meaning

peN nasaiyin pin pOy – possessed by the desire in the matter relating to nappinnaip pirAtti
ERin – (the seven) bulls’
peruththa eruththam – the huge necks
kOdu – and horns
osiya – such that they are broken
eruththu – the necks (of those bulls)
iRuththa – broke
nal Ayar ERu – krishNa, the head of the great cowherds
mARu – being the enemy (of our sins)
enRu solli – thinking this way
vaNanginEn – attained him
mun – before this
pERu onRum aRiyEn – I had not known of such an incomparable purushArtham (end benefit)
pEdhaimaiyAl – due to ignorance
peRRu aRiyEn – (until now) I had not attained it and thus lost


pERu onRum mun aRiyEn – before this, I had not known of any benefit like this.

peRRu aRiyEn – I had lost it due to my ignorance. This benefit would have accrued to those who had known its existence. However, I had not even known its existence.

AzhwAr gives the reason for not knowing it and not attaining it…..

pEdhamaiyAl – Oh my! What will ignorance not do! Isn’t only this ignorance, the cause for everything!

mARu enRu solli vaNanginEn – I attained him because he is the hurdle for the results of my deeds from reaching me. It is not that I attained him in the proper way. I attained him because he is capable of destroying my enemies.

AzhwAr gives an example to show that emperumAn is inimical to his enemies…

ERin peruththeruththam kOdu osiya – breaking the huge necks and horns of the bulls

pen nasaiyin pin pOy – this implies that being possessed by his desire for nappinnaip pirAtti, and in anticipation of attaining her, unmindful of his own safety, he clashed with the bulls.

eruththu iRuththa – breaking the necks of bulls. He will be affectionate towards his followers just as he is affectionate towards his consorts. He will destroy their enemies.

nal Ayar ERu – he is greater than all the cowherds who are of his age. AzhwAr says that he attained such an entity who would be inimical to his enemies (his sins). As result, just as he removed the seven bulls which were hurdles to his getting nappinnaip pirAtti, AzhwAr says that he would remove AzhwAr’s hurdles too and offer himself to AzhwAr.

We shall take up the 63rd pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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