iraNdAM thiruvandhAdhi – 33 – thuNindhadhu sindhai

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The previous pAsuram mentioned about the happiness arising out of enjoying emperumAn with all three faculties (of mind, speech and body). In this pAsuram, AzhwAr mercifully says how the three faculties engaged with emperumAn to enjoy him. Was it only for enjoying him? AzhwAr says that apart from him, these three faculties would not go to any other place. Thus this pAsuram says that they exist only for him and none else.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

thuNindhadhu sindhai thuzhAy alangal angam
aNindhavan pEr uLLaththup palgAl paNindhadhuvum
vEypiRangu sAral viRal vEngadavanaiyE
vAy thiRanaL sollum vagai

Word by Word Meaning

sindhai – my mind
thuzhAy alangal (angam) aNindhavan pEr – the divine names of emperumAn who is donning the thuLasi garland on his divine form
palgAl – many times
uLLaththu –  in thinking
thuNindhadhu – had firm, deep faith
angam – my body too
palgAl – always
paNindhadhu – worships
vEy piRangu sAral – having foothills with plenty of bamboo
viral vEngadavanaiyE – only emperumAn who is residing in thirumalai and is strong
vAy – mouth [speech] too

thiRangaL – (emperumAn’s) qualities
sollum vagai – in the way it says
thuNindhadhu – became confident


thuNindhadhu sindhai thuzhAy alangal angam aNindhavan pEr uLLaththu – my heart became firm in meditating on the divine names of emperumAn who is decorated with thuLasi garland. Here the word uLLam is used figuratively to refer to meditating. Alternatively, we can take the two terms uLLaththu sindhai together, which would mean the thoughts in the mind, and say that the thoughts in the mind were firmly engaged in meditating on the divine names of emperumAn who has donned thuLasi garland on his body.

thuzhAy alangal angam – this mentions the beauty of the entity which made the mind to become firm [in meditating on his divine names]

angam alangal – my body, always

paNindhadhuvum vEy piRangaL sAral vEngadavanaiyE – only thiruvEngadamudaiyAn, who resides in thirumalai which has bamboo in abundance on its foothills, and who engages us with his beauty to be fully involved with him.

vAy thiRangaL sollum vagai thuNindhadhu – my mouth (faculty of speech) became confident in talking about his [auspicious] qualities. It became confident in talking about matters connected to him.

vEngadavanaiyE – it will not be confident about anyone else other than him, who does not know anything about anyone other than us.

The sequence to be followed to get the meanings correctly is: thuNindhadhu sindhai thuzhAy alangal angam aNindhavan pEr uLLaththu; angam palagAl paNindhadhuvum vEy piRangu sAral viral vEngadavanaiyE; avan thiRangaLai vAy sollum vagai thuNindhadhu.

We shall move on to the 34th pAsuram next.

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