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AzhwAr says that emperumAn, who is attained like this, will remove the hurdles which are like enemies of his follower, will be very simple, and will fulfil all the wishes of his follower. He will give wealth to those who ask for it, kaivalyAnubhavam (AthmA experiencing itself) to those who ask for it and himself to those who want to attain him.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings|:

thAzhndhu varam koNdu thakka vagaigaLAl
vAzhndhu kazhivArai vAzhvikkum thAzhndha
viLanganikkuk kanReRindhu vERRuruvAy gyAlam
aLandhu adikkIzh koNda avan

Word by Word Meaning

thAzhndha – (due to the weight of its fruits, the branches of the wood apple tree remained) lowered
kanikku – for plucking the fruits
kanRu eRindhu – throwing a calf (as a throwing stick)
vERu uru Ay – inapt form of a mendicant as vAmana (for one who has long hands due to the habit of always giving to others)
gyAlam – the earth
aLandhu – measuring
adi kIzh – under his divine feet
koNda – had under his control
avan – that emperumAn
thAzhndhu – worshipping at his divine feet
varam koNdu – attaining his divine feet
thakka vagaigaLAl – appropriate manner (to their states)
vAzhndhu – obtaining wealth or kaivalyam (AthmA enjoying itself) or bhagavath prApthi (attaining emperumAn himself)
kazhivArai – those entities who wish to increase their comforts more and more
vAzhvikkum – emperumAn will grant them


thAzhndhu – unlike rAvaNa who said, as in SrI rAmAyaNam yudhdha kANdam 36-11 “dhvidhA bhajyEyamapi na namEyam” (even if I were split into two, I will not worship him), giving up one’s ego and falling at the divine feet of emperumAn

varam koNdu – attaining emperumAn and getting with his mercy instead of trying on one’s own efforts to get the desired benefits

varam koNdu – implies that instead of being humble just for one day, having humility permanently

thakka vagaigaLAl – attaining as per the characteristics of the AthmA. Or attaining, following the ways mentioned in SAsthras (sacred texts). Or, as per the worthiness of AthmA. One who desires wealth should think of emperumAn to be always with wealth, worship him and think of emperumAn at the time of death. For one who desires kaivalyam, he should think of the purity of emperumAn. One who desires emperumAn himself should think of emperumAn with his auspicious qualities. This is why AzhwAr used the term thAzhndhu varam koNdu.

vAzhndhu kazhivArai vAzhvikkum – He will let live those who desire to live life fully. He will protect those who spend their time thinking only of emperumAn and considering that as their life.

thakka vagaigaLAl vAzhndhu kazhivArai – He will grant the benefits to those who seek them and let them live. He will call those who come to him for alms, as said in SrI bhagavath gIthA 7-18udhArA:” (magnanimous persons). However, there are some hurdles in obtaining from him and these do not go easily. Even these will be removed by himself.

thAzhndha viLanganikkuk kanReRindhu – throwing a calf to fell the fruits which had grown from top to bottom in the wood apple tree. Thus, he caused harm to the two demons, vathsAsuran and kapiththAsuran who wanted to harm him [these two demons had entered the calf and wood apple fruit, respectively, with the intention of killing krishNa].

vERRuruvAyemperumAn is the most magnanimous as brought out in SrI rAmAyaNam yudhdha kANdam 21-7 “gosahasrapradhAthAram” (one who gives away a thousand cows). Yet he made himself as a mendicant [to take his possessions from mahAbali]. Or, one who is the consort of thiru (SrI mahAlakshmi) went asking for alms. Or, initially he asked for three steps of land, showing his small feet [as vAmana] and once it was granted, transformed himself [into thrivikrama] and measured with huge feet.

gyAlam aLandhu adikkIzhk koNda avan – after measuring earth, he kept it under his divine foot. Will such an entity give up on one who desires emperumAn himself?

gyAlam aLandhu adikkIzhk koNda avan – just as a mother will embrace her sleeping child, emperumAn also kept his divine feet on the earth, unknown to the earth, and measured it. Hence he will let his followers prosper.

We shall move on to the 24th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa ramanuja dhAsan

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