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emperumAn thinks that these activities [mentioned in the previous pAsurams] are apt to be carried out. But AzhwAr, thinking of his gentle nature, says that he should not have carried out these.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

vazhakkanRu kaNdAy vali sagadam seRRAy
vazhakkenRu nI madhikka vENdA kuzhakkanRu
thIviLavin kAykkeRindha thImai thirumAlE
pAr viLangach cheydhAy pazhi

Word for Word Meaning

thirumAlE – you

(when you incarnated as kaNNan, [krishNa])
vali sagadam – the powerful wheel
seRRAy – kicked it aside and broke it
vazhakkanRu kaNdAy – this is not appropriate for you, please see
vazhakku enRu nI madhikka vENdA – you should not think that this is appropriate for you

(Instead of stopping with this daring act)
kuzha kanRu – a young calf (who is actually a demon)
thI viLavin kAykku eRindha – [which you] threw to destroy another demon who had taken the form of a wood apple
thImai – this mischievous act
pAr viLanga – to shine brightly on this earth
pazhi seydhAy – you acted wrongly


vazhakku anRu kaNdAy vali sagadam seRRAy – Even though protection is an appropriate act, taking the form of a dwarf [vAmanAvathAram], breaking and destroying a very powerful wheel even though you are gentle, are activities which you should not have indulged in. As an infant, your destroying a wheel is not appropriate for your age,

vali sagadam seRRAy – it could also be construed that you destroyed the wheel with your strength. AzhwAr is wondering whether it was appropriate for emperumAn to act that way with his strength.

seRRAy – It is our fortune that the wheel was destroyed and you were victorious (if something had happened to you, what would we have done!)

vazhakku enRu nI madhika vENdA – accepted that you had destroyed the wheel. If you say that it was to be carried out, I say that this should not have been done at all. Though the wheel had been destroyed, you should not think that this activity was correct.

nI madhikka vENdA – you did not have a feeling of remorse that you have carried out an activity which was not appropriate for your age and your gentleness! AzhwAr is saying so because if he had also accepted what emperumAn did, he would have carried out similar mischievous acts. When a worm crawls in sand, it would appear that it had left behind some writing [patterns in sand]. In a similar way, when you stretched your leg, the wheel, per chance, broke. Since this incident happened once, should you keep doing the same type of activity repeatedly?

kuzhakkanRu thIviLavin kAykku eRindha thImai – More than the activity carried out earlier, was it appropriate for you to throw  a calf on wood apple? Both of them [the demons inside the calf and the fruit] had the same intention of destroying you! Using a demon in the form of a young calf to kill another demon in the form of wood apple was an inappropriate act. AzhwAr is worried [much after the event] as to what would have happened if both the demons had fallen together on kaNNan.

thirumAlE – if something had happened to you, the world would have been without a Lord. As said in SrI rAmAyaNam ayOdhyA kANdam 16-21 “mangaLAnyabhidhadhyushI” (she carried benediction on SrI rAma), didn’t sIthAppirAtti , with affection, carry out benediction on you! Could such a person carry out these activities?

pAr viLangachcheydhAy pazhi – you carried out a blame that will last forever on earth.

pazhi – thinking that you are going to protect something on earth, you carried out an activity which would have made both the vibhUthis (his properties, material realm and spiritual realm) lose you. AzhwAr, out of his affection for emperumAn is terming this as blame. But emperumAn thinks that it is fame for him. This is anyathAgyAnam (mistaking one for another; i.e. considering blame as fame), feels AzhwAr.

We shall take up the 20th pAsuram next.

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