upadhEsa raththina mAlai – 6

srImathE satakOpAya nama:
srImathE rAmAnujAya nama:
srImath varavaramunayE nama:

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pAsuram 6

aippasiyil ONam avittam sathayam ivai
oppilavA nALgaL ulagaththIr – eppuviyum
pEsu pugazhp poigaiyAr bhUthaththAr pEyAzhvAr
thEsudanE thOnRu siRappAl          6


Word by word meaning0

ulagaththIr – Oh those of this world!
pugazh – having the greatness
eppuviyum – of people of all the worlds
pEsu – talking/praising about
poigaiyAr – poigai AzhvAr,
bhUthaththAr – bhUthathAzhvAr, and
pEyAzhvAr – peyAzhvAr
thOnRu – coming to this world
thEsudanE – with thEjas (brightness/majesty)
(si)piRappAl – by incarnation,
aippasiyil – in the month of aippasi, (and in the star days of)
Onam – thiruvONam, and
avittam –avittam, and
sathayam –sathayam
ivai – these,
oppilavAm – are unparalleled
nALgaL – star days.


As per the vow in the previous pAsuram, he wishes to start in orderly manner, and he first divines the ways of incarnations of mudhal AzhvArs (first three AzhvArs), by starting with ‘aippasiyil Onam’.

That is, in the month of aippasi, the star day of vishNu which is thiruvONam, and then avittam, and sathayam, these three are unparalleled.

Oh you who do not know the propriety of conduct based on vEdhas, and have set your eyes on the life in this material world! Please celebrate the unparalleled days and reach the correct goal.

To talk about why those days are unparalleled,

eppuviyum, etc – All those in all the worlds were saying ‘that! that!’ about the greatness in the three AzhvArs being born in flowers, and due to their brightness of knowledge they have the greatness of seeing emperumAn in their mind, having the greatness of ‘nAttArOdu iyalvu ozhindhu [thiruvAimozhi 10.6.2]’ (~ not following the material ways of the people) they were moving to different places and were staying in a village in the night {thirukkOvalUr}, moreover, as said in ‘thUvadivil pUmagaL pAr mangaiyOdu [periya thirumozhi 2.10.9]’ and so on, the husband of srIdhEvi that is sarvEsvaran wanted to join the AzhvArs physically and so as said in ‘pulavar nerukka ugandha perumAL’ (perumAn who was happy when pushed by poets), having the greatness of being able to make emperumAn happy by their closeness/pushing of emperumAn, and so these are being praised by the world.

thirukovalur-perumalthirukkOvalUr idai kazhi Ayan – srI dhEhaLeesa perumAL

When asked who they are,

poigaiyAr bhUthaththAr pEyAr they are poigai AzhvAr, bhUthaththAzhvAr, and pEyAzhvAr.

thEsudanE thOnRu – (thEjas /brightness) they incarnated with the brightness which is their natural subservience to emperumAn.

Since the wealth came due to that, those days are unparalleled.

As said in ‘Azhiyankaip pErAyarkkALAm piRappu [periyA thiruvanthAdhi – 36]’, it is the brightness of parama padham (srIvaikuNtam).

As said in ‘karuvarangaththuL kidandhu kai thozhudhEn kaNdEn [mudhal thiruvanthAdhi – 6], and in ‘karukkOttiyuL kidandhu kai thozhudhEn kaNdEn [iraNdAm thiruvanthAdhi – 87], and in ‘karuvirundha nAL mudhalAk kAppu [nAnmugan thiruvanthAdhi – 92], they are having natural subservience. So they are of extreme greatness.

(mAmunigaL) very much loves these star days, and he is loved by these AzhvArs – he is having such greatness. mudhal_azhwars

Moreover, in the month of aippasi, that thiruvONam star day is vishNu‘s star birthday, and also of the one who is the most excellent srIvaishNava who is ‘krishNapAdhasya sUnu [thathva thrayam thaniyan], (the divine son of vadakkuth thiruvIdhip piLLAi), that is – of piLLai lOkAchAryar, so varavaramuni Acharyar jIyar (maNavALa mAmunigaL) with great love, nurtured this day, and set about celebrating regularly with care – this is well known.

These star days also are three (of three AzhvArs) (muppuri Uttiya – where 3 great incidents happen on the same time/day/place)

As said in ‘kriyAdhikArE ashtasAdhyAyE sravaNam cha AchvayangmAsE sarvapApa haramparam |mathsya kUrma varAhANAm AvirbhAva dhinam smrutham [srI pAncharAthram]’ (In the eighteenth chapter, it talks about the star day of thiruvONam in the month of aippasi, the incarnations by mathsya (fish), kUrma (tortoise/turtle), and varAha (boar), which would remove all the sins).

As said in ‘hAritha: – mAsE bhAdhrapadhE chuklE dhvAdhashyAm vishNu dhaivathE | adhithyAmdhayAth vishNurupEndhrO vAmanO vyaya: ’ (in the month of purattasi, Sukla dhvAdhasi, vishNu incarnated like a rising sun like an Indra, as vAmanan).

{So the star days of incarnations of these three AzhvArs are also special, unparalleled, and celebrated by all}

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English Translation: raghurAm srInivAsa dhAsan

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