gyAna sAram 29 – mandhiramum Indha

gyAna sAram

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This pAsuram explains that there is a group of people with certain characteristics and these people would be liberated from the bondages of this samsAric world The characteristics of these people are that they have undisputed belief in the eight lettered thirumanthiram, have complete faith in the grace of the guru who told them and has belief in the object that thirumanthiram describes namely “perumAL sriman nArAyaNan”



“மந்திரமும் ஈந்த குருவும் அம் மந்திரத்தால்
சிந்தனை செய்கின்ற திருமாலும் – நந்தலிலாது
என்றும் அருள் புரிவர் யாவர், அவர் இடரை
வென்று கடிதடைவர் வீடு”


“mandhiramum Indha guruvum
am mandhirathAl sindhanai seiginRa thirumAlum
nadhalilAdhu enRum aruL purivar yAvar avar idarai
venRu kadidhu adaivar vIdu”

Phrasal Meaning:

Mandhiramum: Thirumanthiram,

Indha guruvum: the guru who gave the thirumathiram to a person and

am mandhirathAl: the object / cynosure of thirumanthiram

sindhanai seiginRa: that is being medidated upon

nadhalilAdhu: incessantly

thirumAlum: who is none other than sriman nArAyaNan

enRum: People who think about these three, will forever

aruL purivar: be the target of the grace;

yAvar: Such persons

avar: and only such persons

idarai venRu: will win over the samsAric battles and

kadidhu: quickly and

adaivar vIdu: reach the eternal abode of sriman nArAyaNan namely paramapadham


Mandhiramum: manthiram is something that protects the person who tells it not only regularly but also with same undwindled interest towards it. Here “mathiram” refers to the eight syllabled “thirumanthiram”. Thirumazhisai pirAn says “ettezhuthum OdhuvArgal vallAr vAnam aLavE”.

Indha guruvum: The Acharyan who gave and taught the thirumanthiram.

am mandhirathAl sindhanai seiginRa thirumAlum: The person who is being told in thirumanthiram namely sriman nArAyaNan.

nadhalilAdhu: “nandhudhal” refers to a stop/ break due to anything. Hence “nandhalilAdhu” would mean “incessantly”.

enRum aruL purivar yAvar: The person who is the recipient of the grace of those aforementioned three namely “thirumanthiram”, the acharyan who taught it and the object of thirumanthiram that is none other than sriman nArAyaNan

avar idarai venRu kadidhu adaivar vIdu: That person will be liberated from the bondages of this samsAric world and would reach the place of ever lasting happiness which is the nothing but the eternal abode of sriman nArAyaNan. At this juncture, it is good to note the mumukshupadi sUthram “manthirathilum manthirathukku uLLEdAna vasthuvilum manthira pradhanAna Acharyan pakkalilum prEmam gaNakka undAnAl kArya karamAvadhu”.

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