gyAna sAram – thaniyan (invocation)

srImathE satakOpAya nama:
srImathE rAmAnujAya nama:
srImadh varavaramunayE nama:

gyAna sAram

In English, based on the thamizh prose mentioned above, which is based on srI maNavALa mAmunigaL’s vyAkyAnam .

thaniyan of aruLALa perumAL emperumAnAr

“kArthikE bharaNI jAtham yathIndhrAshrayam AshrayE|

gyaAnapramEya sArAbhi vakthAram varadham munim”||

Explanation: The one whose avathAram is in the month of kArthikai and in bharaNi star, onewho surrendered to srI rAmAnujar the head of saints, who in his gyAnasAram pramEyasAramspoke about the greatness of AchAryan, adiyen surrender to that aruLALa mAmuni(aruLALaperumAL emperumAnAr).

“rAmAnuja sachchishyam vEdha sAsthrArtha sampatham| 

chathurthAshrama sampannam dhEvarAja munim bhajE” ||

I bow to aruLALa mAmuni who is – a good sishyA or ramAnujAchariar, who is – an expert in vedhAs and other sAshthras, and the one who took up the fourth Ashramam that is sainthood.

(rAmAnuja sachchishyam) – Recall the incident explained in guruparampara, when with the original name of yagya mUrthy he debated with emperumAnAr for eighteen days about vEdhAntha based on tharkam etc., and made emperumanAr very concerned about saving the sampradhyAm, pEraruLALr athigiri varadharAja perumAL came in emperumAnAr’s dream and said ‘O emperumanAr! Please do not be discouraged. I am giving you a talented sishya that I created. You shall win him over”.

(vEdha sAsthrArtha sampatham) – We can understand well about his deep knowledge in sAsthras when we see how he debated with emperumAnAr for eighteen days, and how he provided us the essence of sAsthrAs through his gyAnasAram pramEyasAram by beautiful and easy to understand pAsurams which are based on thamizh veNpa (a type of poem defined In thamizh grammar).

(dhEvarAja munim) – Based on his greatness of having the blessings of dhEvarAjan, that is pEraruLALan. to became a sishya of emperumAnAr, and based on the greatness of his being equal to emperumAnar in gyAna, bhakthi, and vyrAkyam, we understand that he got an apt thirunAmam of ‘aruLALamuni’.

gyAna sAra thaniyan:

suruLAr karungkuzhal thOgaiyar vEl vizhiyil thuvaLum

 maruLAm vinai kedum mArkkam peRREn marai nAngum – sonna

poruL gyAna sAraththaip pundhiyil thandhavan pongoLisEr

 aruLALa mamuni-am porkazhalgaL adaindha pinnE.

Explanation: adiyEn obtained the way to destroy the ever-accumulated karmas, after surrendering to the beautiful and divine feet of the one who through his gyAnasAram pramEyasAram fed the knowledge of deep meanings of the four vEdhas and true meanings of thirumanthiram, who is a bright light of knowledge, who is named as aruLALamAmuni.

The meaning of the thaniyan is: Because of ever-accumulated karmas, clarity of truth diminishes in us.  Because it diminishes, one’s affinity to be attracted to women increases. Because of this, our mind starts dwelling on their curly dark hair and shapely and sharp eyes. But after surrendering to the divine feet of aruLALamAmuni, I understood the ways in which I could get out of such kAmam and related mistakes.

To explain further, this thaniyan says: After surrendering to my AchAryan aruLALaperumAL emperumAnAr, I got clarity in my mind after learning his gyAnasAram and pramEyasAram. Because of that, I understood the ways in which I could destroy the bad karmas of being disturbed in my heart by looking at women’s beautiful hair, and eyes that are shaped and sharp like a spear.

The destruction of attraction towards women may be extended to destruction of other mistakes like anger, greed, lack of knowledge of truth, ego, jealousy, etc. The thirukuraL also conveys the same meaning in the verse: “kAmam, veguLi, mayakkam immUndran nAmam keda-k kedum nOi”, which implies that those mistakes that destroy human culture would be solved by AchArya kaTAksham.

So AchAryan’s greatness was highlighted by this thaniyan.

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